Bare Minerals Samples & Bare Minerals Coupons

Free Bare Minerals Samples, Bare Minerals CouponsMineral makeup is a new craze that everybody wants to try on. Among the leading brands is Bare Escentuals’ line of Bare Minerals which is made of the finest ingredients and has the biggest perk – you can sleep with mineral makeup on.
Bare Minerals samples or Bare Minerals coupons, are hard to come by. But this is all more reason why they’re also hard to pass up.
Get Bare Minerals Samples
A reliable place to start digging up promos for Bare Minerals samples is their official site,, which caters to their growing number of online shoppers. For those who have browsed through their product pages, you will notice that their Wild Honey & Sugar Plum All Natural Lip Gloss is free and best of all, in stock!
This preservative-free product is made from pomegranate seed oil and Honeysuckle flower extract which forms a healthy antioxidant seal on your smackers. To score particular Bare Minerals samples, simply go to the Shop’s “All Specials” section and press the “Add To Bag” tab when the photo of the lip gloss appears.
You can get Bare Minerals foundation samples for free in Sephora branches in JCPenny stores. But don’t go to the counter without printing the coupon first.
Present the printout to get the Bare Minerals samples of a 10-day supply of original or matte foundation of your choice. The Bare Minerals samples should include a custom shade to your skin’s liking.
Clip Bare Minerals Coupons
When you’re satisfied with the Bare Minerals samples, Bare Minerals coupons can get you the real deal for less. Again, start with their home site.
There’s an on-going promo which offers $10-discount for a combined purchase of their Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy and SPF 20 Multi-Tasking Concealer. You can get these two for $36 by using the bundle option in their online store and typing the Bare Minerals coupons code, “HEAL” upon checkout. Note that this particular type of Bare Minerals coupons are valid only in and boutiques for a limited time only.
Outside their official home, you can also head to for some helpful Bare Minerals coupons. Simply type in “Bare Escentuals” on their brand directory to get the rundown of valid Bare Minerals coupons that are available. If you want to avail of these Bare Minerals coupons, just press the Activate Coupon button or write down the coupon code of your choice.