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SpringPad Personal Organizer: Keep all of your lists, recipes and ideas in one place

The thing that is so great about the Springpad organizer is that you can log in with your Twitter, Gmail or Facebook account,

and store all the things that you need to remember in one easy-to-access account.

The Springpad idea is great because it is so simple:

Save & pull the info you need, when you need it

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More About Springpad – Springpad is a free personal organizer that you can use to organize all of your clutter. Organize your desktop clutter – clear post-its, newspaper clippings, write your ideas, recipes, travel plans, to-do lists, and all the rest and get rid of home and office clutter.

Springpad is an easy way to help you remember everything and help you get organized and not forget anything.

Springpad collects everything you want to save so you have access to it at all times – on the web and on your phone:

Use the “Spring It!” button to save ideas or products from any website and find them again later.
Add in your Google or Facebook contacts and match up gift ideas with everyone you know.
Record all your tracking numbers for safe-keeping.

Put all your to-do lists in Springpad and never lose them. Get rid or paper notes.
Set alarms to text or email reminders to you.

Put all your travel plans in one notebook, like hotel and rental car confirmation numbers, Google Maps, and places to go. If you discover a restaurant you don’t want to forget, add that to your Springpad and you’ll be automatically linked up to Yelp reviews and Open Table reservations.

Collect recipes from any website with a couple clicks. (you no longer need to constantly bookmark or print recipes you find)
Use your recipes to create a mealplan with a complete shopping list of ingredients.

Besides collecting, Springpad has many free apps to help you plan for the Holidays like a budget tracker, a gift wish-list app, and a party planner. You can also easily keep track of who sent you Christmas cards.