Getting Free Samples of Lipstick

Choosing the right lipstick shade or color is not as easy as some women expect. A shade that looks good on one may not work for another. Buying and trying different lipstick shades until you find what works for you can be very expensive.

Makeup companies are aware of the fact that trying out different shades of lipstick samples will increase customer satisfaction and will result in more revenue, so they give away freebies to help you decide and avoid their products being thrown into a soon forgotten “make-up rejects” drawer.

Cosmetic and other retail companies give out free samples of lipstick, foundation, eye shadows and other make-up items to potential customers. Usually, with very little or no strings attached.

There are a lot of places where free samples of lipstick can be acquired. Here are some of them:


The easy route is to get free samples of lipstick by visiting makeup freebie sites. There are countless freebie websites like that list make-up giveaways from different brands, even the expensive designer ones.

These offers usually require participation in the form of a survey that might ask you to rate or give opinions regarding other lipstick brands. But what’s ten minutes of bashing your previous brand of lipstick when you can get a designer brand for free, right? Some sites offer free samples of Rimmel Sweet Jelly Lip Gloss and even a Clinique High Impact Lipstick. Other samples include an Estee Lauder Tender Lip Balm and Guerlain Kiss Kiss. The possibilities are endless.
Some people think that only not-so-popular brands give out free samples of their products. Wrong, major cosmetic brands like Mary Kay, MAC, Clinique, Revlon and Cover Girl have websites you can log on to.

You can check if they have promotions or giveaways which may include free samples of lipstick, blush and eye liners. They mostly give out free samples of new lines that they are trying to promote.

Online distributors of cosmetic products may also give out free samples of lipstick. Well, some of the samples might not come entirely for free but some sites offer one free sample if you buy something from them. Still a good deal, considering that you would be getting two for the price of one.

The only setback in getting freebies from the internet is that you might not receive the shade that you really want. Remember, the shade or color shown in pictures might not exactly match the actual shade or color of the product itself.

Remember, returning free samples of lipstick and having them exchanged for a different shade is not part of the deal. And since they’re only samples, they usually come in smaller packaging than the regular products that you pay for.

Makeover corners

When you walk into a beauty bar or even a convenience store, you would find sales ladies offering free lip makeovers. Try these out; it might be a way to get a free samples of lipstick. After all, what better way to know if the shade works for you than to try it then and there?

Cosmetic booths

Also, asking for free samples of lipstick from cosmetic booths in department stores is one good way to go. Again, most companies are eager to give out samples of their products to potential customers. If you end up rocking the shade, you might recommend the brand to friends. It’s a win-win situation, you get a free product, and they get free advertising.

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How to Get Free CoverGirl Samples

If you’re the type of woman who stocks up her dresser with tons of makeup, you must have heard all the money saving beauty tips there is.

You must also know that a lot of cosmetic companies advertise their products by giving out freebies. This article will show you how to obtain free CoverGirl samples.

CoverGirl is a leading makeup brand under the umbrella of manufacturing giant Protor and Gamble. It offers a full line of makeup from eye liners and shadows to cheek tints and lipsticks, among other beauty products.

CoverGirl cosmetics are every woman’s (or girl’s) dream loot when it comes to prettifying themselves. But as in every sought-after brand in the market, CoverGirl cosmetics can sometimes burn a hole in the average career woman’s wallet.

To answer this dilemma, the brand gives out free samples of their makeup line. There are a lot of ways to get free covergirl samples and coupons. The easiest way is by heading to cosmetic stores and asking for a sample. To save money on CoverGirl cosmetics, you first must know where to look.

Here are a few places where you can chance upon free beauty loot from CoverGirl:

  • Log on to Proctor and Gamble’s Everyday Solutions Club ( and sign up to get freebies and coupons for many of their products including CoverGirl makeup. Registration to this site is free and a number of free samples and coupons can be availed by members.
  • The Official CoverGirl website also offers special promotions, free samples and discount coupons on featured products. Just click on the Specials tab and select coupon alert to access information on samples and discounts.
  • Freebie websites like clip coupons and womenfreebies may also post free covergirl samples from time to time. These usually come in printable coupons that are redeemable in select stores.
  • Free CoverGirl samples can also be acquired by joining the CoverGirl text club by texting Breezy to 24475. Standard SMS charges apply based on your phone service providers.
  • Stores like Walmart and Target also offer free cosmetic samples. Check these stores’ sites’ sample portions for any CoverGirl samples that may be up for grabs.
  • P&G Brand Saver inserts in newspapers are also a good place to look for free CoverGirl samples. You may also find sample or discount coupons in beauty and fashion magazines. These publications may also hold contests that may win you free samples of makeup.

This will help women find the perfect makeup before spending a fortune on a full sized product they might not use in the long run. One will often chance upon free volumizing mascara or a luscious shine lipstick being sampled out in boutiques.

They sometimes even hand out foundation freebies. CoverGirl has many cosmetic products that they need to advertise. From time to time, they give out samples of newly introduced products to gain a potential customer. It’s a win-win solution: while you get free make up, they get free advertising.

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on full-sized CoverGirl products that MIGHT not work for you, look for ways to get free samples. The Internet offers a plethora of places where free CoverGirl samples can be obtained. Whether you are lusting after that CoverGirl LashPerfection Mascara or that Temptress shade of their Lipperfection Lipcolor, you’re sure to find that product sample if you just know where to look.

Get even more free samples and free coupons here.

Bag Revlon Samples & Revlon Coupons

Revlon samples and Revlon couponsThis is always true – girls all over the world always have an excuse to get more makeup treats. Whether its upcoming holidays, vacation, a special occasion or just another ordinary day.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank in order to try some new color and products on your face. Revlon, the leading American makeup brand that churns out long-staying products in reasonable prices actually gives Revlon samples and Revlon coupons even when it’s not yet Christmas day.

Revlon Samples at

This site is a wonderland of everything girly and best of all, free. delivers free Revlon samples and also other new products from other big-name brands. But finding Revlon samples here is not at all confusing! The site eliminates the time you can possibly waste by doing the pre-selection for you; so if you want your Revlon samples, simply click on the category.

Free Lipstick Samples at

In one hand, you can simply go to a website that is purely dedicated to everything that concerns Revlon samples., for example, is giving away samples of the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick to visitors who register their names and e-mail addresses.

Links to Free Revlon Samples at

A directory of links that will eventually lead you to where you can get your stash of Revlon samples can be a girl’s best friend. This is what happens when you log on to The site does the scouring for you and ultimately hands you a list of addresses where you can score your samples by answering a survey or committing to some product trials.

Revlon Coupons If You “Like” Revlon on Facebook

If you can’t get them for free, the next best thing is to grab for a chance of a big discount. And you can score as much as $1 to $2 off every purchase with Revlon coupons. Revlon’s latest promo includes access to $2-discount Revlon coupons for every purchase of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick or other $2-off Revlon coupons, each good for every purchase of two bottles of Revlon Nail Enamel. To get yourself these, simply press the “Like” button when you hit their Facebook page.

Activate Revlon Coupons Via

This site has a wealth of coupon tabs for Revlon purchases waiting for activation. You can get as a 20% discounts on all new Revlon products. You can use the Revlon coupons available just by pressing the “Activate Coupon” method and enjoy your big discount.

Free Lip Gloss and Rimmel Samples Online

No makeup bag is complete without a lip gloss. To protect those lips from drying up, a regular sheen is a must! Because it’s a daily must-have, who could not resist bagging some free lip gloss and Rimmel Samples?

Get Your Free Rimmel Samples Here

They say that you can never go wrong with jelly lip glosses because they not only look good on your lips but also taste sweet and good. Rimmel London’s line of jelly lip gloss, for example, is also naturally good for the lips as they are enriched with vitamins A, C and E. Rimmel samples also now come in five juicy shades namely, Yummy, Jelly Baby, Delicious, Moreish and Gourmet.

To get your Rimmel samples, simply fill out a request form in their official site or try a survey in’s June 7 entry.

Other Rimmel samples are free for grabs also at the beauty section of From their list of beauty brand affiliates, simple click on the “Rimmel Lip Gloss” link that will lead you to scoring the free lip gloss of your choice. Good luck!

Win Other Types of Free Lip Gloss

Aside from Rimmel London’s jelly lip gloss, there are other kinds of free lip gloss you can get in online promos.
Rimmel London’s new Vinyl Gloss gives up to how much more shine? Answer this simple question at the promotions section of Rimmel London’s official site to win yourself a full-size sample of their Vinyl Gloss which costs £4.99each.
The improved Vinyl Gloss can form a much-coveted pout on your lips because its gloss formula is up to 80% shinier.

Text for Covergirl Lip Gloss

There are other means in snatching free lip gloss samples. Shop Text in the U.S. offers a free sample of Covergirl lip gloss to all its registered members. Once you activate your account, all you have to do is to text “GLOSS” to 467467 for samples of Covergirl Wetslicks, which will be mailed to your home.

Free Smashbox Lip Gloss in JCPenny Stores

As part of their “Back-To-School Bonus,” you can also stop by Sephora branches inside selected JCPenny stores for a deluxe sample of the Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss. This promo is available in over their fifty branches across the U.S.
Other Makeup Samples

Bare Minerals Samples & Bare Minerals Coupons

Free Bare Minerals Samples, Bare Minerals CouponsMineral makeup is a new craze that everybody wants to try on. Among the leading brands is Bare Escentuals’ line of Bare Minerals which is made of the finest ingredients and has the biggest perk – you can sleep with mineral makeup on.
Bare Minerals samples or Bare Minerals coupons, are hard to come by. But this is all more reason why they’re also hard to pass up.
Get Bare Minerals Samples
A reliable place to start digging up promos for Bare Minerals samples is their official site,, which caters to their growing number of online shoppers. For those who have browsed through their product pages, you will notice that their Wild Honey & Sugar Plum All Natural Lip Gloss is free and best of all, in stock!
This preservative-free product is made from pomegranate seed oil and Honeysuckle flower extract which forms a healthy antioxidant seal on your smackers. To score particular Bare Minerals samples, simply go to the Shop’s “All Specials” section and press the “Add To Bag” tab when the photo of the lip gloss appears.
You can get Bare Minerals foundation samples for free in Sephora branches in JCPenny stores. But don’t go to the counter without printing the coupon first.
Present the printout to get the Bare Minerals samples of a 10-day supply of original or matte foundation of your choice. The Bare Minerals samples should include a custom shade to your skin’s liking.
Clip Bare Minerals Coupons
When you’re satisfied with the Bare Minerals samples, Bare Minerals coupons can get you the real deal for less. Again, start with their home site.
There’s an on-going promo which offers $10-discount for a combined purchase of their Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy and SPF 20 Multi-Tasking Concealer. You can get these two for $36 by using the bundle option in their online store and typing the Bare Minerals coupons code, “HEAL” upon checkout. Note that this particular type of Bare Minerals coupons are valid only in and boutiques for a limited time only.
Outside their official home, you can also head to for some helpful Bare Minerals coupons. Simply type in “Bare Escentuals” on their brand directory to get the rundown of valid Bare Minerals coupons that are available. If you want to avail of these Bare Minerals coupons, just press the Activate Coupon button or write down the coupon code of your choice.

Maybelline Samples and Maybelline Coupons

Finding the right makeup is a trial-and-error experiment. So why spend on something that may not work right for you? You can make room for trial makeup without spending the usual amount of money, thanks to Maybelline samples and Maybelline coupons. They’re not easy-to-find, so it’s important to jump immediately at the chance to get these discounts and freebies.

Get Your Free Maybelline Samples is the official home of the cosmetics brand. If you want to get some of the Maybelline samples, start by subscribing to their online newsletter so that you’ll be in the know of their latest promos and special offers. Be among the first to get those limited Maybelline samples by being a member of the “My Beauty Portfolio” section of the site.

You can also take advantage of your Twitter account. A favorable Tweet for the brand will help you get the new Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Zero Clump Mascara. Details on how to get these Maybelline samples are available at the freestuff-today site.

A good source as well for these Maybelline samples is Visiting the online store is great way to score makeup finds. has a free samples section which will help you get Maybelline samples like the Maybelline New York Air-Whipped Liquid Makeup or the new Maybelline Mineral Power Powder. Simply click on the “Free Sample” tab. There you will fill in your details for the delivery of the Maybelline samples.

Get Your Maybelline Coupons

Word gets around fast. News on Maybelline coupons go around faster with Twitter. So how do you get ahead of the coupon-hungry pack? Follow for the latest in discount coupons. Conveniently, they have a cluster of Tweets on the subject matter of Maybelline coupons which you may find in their maybelline website page.

You can also sign up for coupon sites for some active Maybelline coupons. After spending hours looking for these Maybelline coupons, you will find fresh ones at In their cosmetics section, you can get $1-off Maybelline coupons which are good for any purchase of Maybelline New York eye shadow.

Makeup Freebies

Getting samples of cosmetics is a great way to try new makeup before buying.
Here you can find a list of makeup samples offers.

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