Get a Free Umbrella

free umbrellaEver noticed how the human kind simply doesn’t have enough umbrellas? Whenever you really need one, you don’t have it and the only option is to pay inflated prices to those who know that you are in no bargaining mood. So, you can’t really have too many umbrellas.

One thing you should know about getting free umbrellas, though: most likely you will not be able to get any online. The reason for this, is that most promotional umbrellas (including free beach umbrellas) are the cheap kind, meaning they do not fold and they are by no means compact. Hence, shipping of such freebies is quite a chore, one that most organizations and companies will choose not to perform.

Instead, companies will print out their logos on their umbrellas and let freebie hunters come to them.

All the Ways to Get a Free Umbrella

1. Job fairs – It might sound strange, but free notebooks and pens are not the only thing you can get when you attend job fairs. Many companies know that free umbrellas are a great way to put your brand out there not only for potential customers, but also for potential employees. You don’t have to actually look for a job, although some companies might require your resume or a short interview to give you their freebies.

free umbrellas2. Your suppliers – You don’t have to be a business to have suppliers. Your phone company, insurance company and everything else you buy on a regular basis, will be happy to use you as a walking billboard. The bigger the company, the higher the chances that they will want to give away prominent freebies, and it doesn’t get much more prominent than an umbrella. So pick up the phone and check out what freebies can you get in exchange for being what you already are – a loyal customer.

3. Clothing boutiques and Mom & Pop’s stores –  Next time you go out on a shopping spree, and spend a large sum at any one place, you can try to be bold and simply ask if you are getting a gift with your large purchase. If that store carries cheap umbrellas, chances are you will be immediately offered one. After all, not many will be cheap umbrellas there, so they usually are left with too many umbrellas, the kind they can give away to customers to keep them happy.

4. Simply keep your eyes open – It could be during your next trip to the local mall or anywhere else. All you need to do is spot a stack of promotional umbrellas and ask for one. Remember that these umbrellas are pure advertising, so it is in the best interest of the person you are asking, to give you an umbrella. Just ask!

5. Lost and found – Every winter, an astounding number of umbrellas are lost and not found: in restaurants, pubs and another establishments. If an umbrella hasn’t been picked up by its rightful owner, someone else will eventually get it. Why not you?

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Free Universal Studios Tickets

Universal Studios theme parks – The ultimate place for movie buffs who are also into amusement parks. If you’re one of those that always wondered how it feels like not to sit in front of a screen and watch a movie, but actually be in one, this place provides the answer.

This freebie offer for free tickets to Universal Studios is one that is particularly attractive during summertime, when families are looking for cheap ways to create memories and have fun.

So, if you are coming to LA or Orlando and paying over $100 for 1 day at the park doesn’t sound too tempting: apply to get your free tickets.
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Free Cedar Point Tickets

Cedar Point park has roller coasters that have made more than one “top 10” roller coasters list in the world, making it a must for all hardcore coaster fans and anyone that likes amusement parks and happens to be in the area.

Despite its popularity, this is the first time ever that there’s a free Cedar Point tickets offer, making this a kinda rare opportunity to save if you are planning a day at Cedar Point park.

While it is known for its more extreme rides, Cedar Point is also a great hangout for entire families, even those with really small children, so this freebie, that offers a free Cedar points tickets for a family, is more than quite appealing.

Keep in mind that even if you are looking for less tickets, you can always sell off the remaining ones and make a small profit.

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Free Busch Garden Tickets

Busch Gardens have some of the wildest roller coasters in the US, making the parks the go-to destination for those looking for coaster fun time. But talking prices, this fun doesn’t come cheap.

If you opt to purchase a ticket at the park’s entrance, you will be paying somewhere around $81.99. Ordering it online will save you $10.00 per ticket, but even $71.99 isn’t cheap, especially when you are not going alone.

You can order your free Busch Garden tickets here.

So getting free Busch Garden tickets can save you a lot of money, since you apply for a free package deal and get more than a single ticket. If you don’t need all the tickets you can always sell them at popular marketplaces such as eBay or Craigslist.

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Free Disney Tickets

A family trip to Disney parks, either Disneyland or Disney World, is the type of vacation that makes memories. The pure fun kind of memories, that both children and parents remember for the rest of their lives (even though you’ll probably snap a bunch of pictures to remind you anyway).

But the expenditure isn’t one that everyone can afford without any financial planning.

Even if you get a family package deal, 4 tickets to Disney can cost almost $200, depending on the age of each child and what kind of a deal you were able to find.

So it’s obvious that saving on tickets can be helpful:
Free Disney tickets can minimize trip costs considerably, or simply allow you to spend a bit extra on a nicer hotel while there. Even once in the park there are many ways to spend and souvenirs are a must on such a vacation.

With this offer  you can take your family on a Disney Cruise with a Prepaid Visa.

Since these are very rare freebies and popular brands such as Disney do not appear often in the freebie offers scene, it’s a good idea to sign up. You can always sell or transfer the tickets later, possibly even for a profit.

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Free Sample – Stretch Mark Cream

Claudia Stevens Stretch Mark Smoothing CreamThose looking for a free sample – Stretch mark cream should be very cautious. While there are many sites claiming to offer free trials for stretch mark remedies and free samples in the mail, the truth is that you will be required to insert your credit card details – Almost everywhere.

In fact, if you want a free bottle of stretch mark cream, chances are you will be requested to pay for at least another bottle. At best, you will be able to get a “buy one, get one free” deal.

However, many sites will choose to stress out the benefits of these offers,  so you are advised to check the fine print: Can you return the stretch mark cream if it is not effective? What is exactly the full price that you will be requested to pay in order to get your free sample of stretch mark cream?

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Vacation Giveaways – Free Vacation Offer

Checking which free vacation offer is available to you is a good first step when planning your next vacation.

Free Vacation Offer
For those who want a great alternative to an Hawaiian vacation, a leisure cruise is an option worth considering. The following vacation offer is for a seven day cruise for two.

Disney Free Vacation Giveaways
Magical for both children and adults, a Disney themed vacation Take the family on a Disney Cruise with a $1000 visa gift card, it is a guaranteed way to create unforgettable memories.

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Free Reader’s Digest Subscription

Reader’s digest has been keeping millions of readers entertained from 1922.
There aren’t usually many opportunities to get this popular family magazine for free, so we warmly recommend that you grab the chance while it’s here.

This limited time freebie is for 20 issues of Reader’s Digest – that is: 2 whole years worth of magazines for free.

Apply today to get 20 free issues of Reader’s Digest

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Free Stuff for iPhone

free stuff for iPhone

2 types of free stuff for iPhone that you can get –

  • Virtual goodies – Free ringtones, free wallpapers and free apps. These are extremely easy to come by, and you can even create cool free stuff to share online yourself (for example, by using
  • Actual goods – Free protective cases, free iphone screen protector, stickers and all other things that you can actually touch. These are a bit harder to come by, as most freebie sites don’t advertise such offers.

This post is about the second kind, and how you can get it:

Free iPhone Protective Cases

The best way to get a free iPhone protective case, is to search for “iphone cover giveaways”.

For example, Zomgcandy gave away an iPhone cover shaped like a chocolate bar. If you cannot find any giveaway that is currently running, you can set up a Google alert with the keywords “iphone cover giveaway” and get notified immediately when any blogger online updates his blog with this kind of giveaway.

Free iPhone Screen Protector is giving away its basic model screen protector, so you can protect your iPhone from scratches.

The only thing here is that you do have to cover the shipping fee, so this is not the kind of freebie that most people are looking for.