Free Ice Cream

Free ice cream is twice as sweet as just getting ice cream. However, there aren’t many places that give out free ice cream and even ice cream coupons are scarce. However, there are still some goodies left that you can use to claim your free ice cream.

1. Free ice cream gift card – 100 Mini Rewards is giving away free ice cream gift cards when you sign up to “savings coupons club”.

2. Dairy Queen products – Get a free  gift card .

3. Join the Baskin Robbins Members Club and get a free ice cream cone on your birthday.

Before you’re off to enjoy your free ice cream, take a moment to claim tons of free samples by mail and free coupons.

Free Flashlight

free flashlightLooking for a free flashlight? Small LED flashlights are among the easiest freebies to find, but not online.

If you are going to a fair, chances are at least some of the booths in every fair will give away a free branded flashlight. But what if don’t have any events of this kind coming up? Oh, well, in this case, we have listed all the free flashlight offers that you can find online here.

1. Free flashlight from 100 Mini Rewards – 100 Mini Rewards are giving away a small free LED flashlight, that comes with a built in key chain. In order to get your free flashlight, you need to submit your shipping details and complete a free survey. All in all, it is the best flashlight freebie that we were able to find.

2. Harbor Freight are offering a massive, 9 LED bulbs free flashlight, with any purchase that you make on their site. All you have to do is add the flashlight (item #65020) and enter the promo code WEBPROMO.

3. Although not really a free flashlight, if you have an iPhone you can get a free iPhone application that turns your phone into a flashlight in very neat ways: – All you have to do is shake your phone to get the flashlight working.

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Six Flags Coupons Funtime

Six Flags CouponsRediscover your childlike wonder when you enter amusement parks, once again. If you have kids, bring the whole family for a day full of thrilling rides and fun side shows at one of the most popular amusement parks in the U.S., the Six Flags Park, which is found in over nine states.
Entertain your family for less, with Six Flags coupons that you can redeem or download from different sites.

Head For Home
Six Flags official site is good place to start the savings. You can book discounted tickets online and have them printed at home. Year-round, site visitors can make use of the 5% discount coupons. Those who visit the site at least five times can avail of a lot of promos with the Season Pass Funatics Program. Rewards include Six Flags coupons for a 20% discount for the 2016 Season Pass, free parking or free soda.

Burger King & Dunkin’ Donuts Coupon Codes
Fast food places such as Burger King are also good spots to ask for Six Flags coupons. Go to a Burger King branch near you and get yourself coupons which allow the admission of four adults at a children’s price. If you want to redeem these online, simply enter the code, “KING,” upon checkout.

You can also get a coupon from Dunkin’ Donuts. Similarly to the promo at Burger King, each adult can get a Six Flags coupon which allows them to pay only $31 as admission! If you’re online, you can still save by typing the promo code “DUNKIN” to get the discounted rate.

Eat at White Castle
Another fast food chain, White Castle, has a slightly different take on how to get Six Flags coupons. You have to order as many as twenty burgers so you avail of the Six Flags coupons that allow a group of four adults to get in the amusement park at a children’s entrance fee.

Activate Coupons at
Likewise an ideal place to go to for discounts is coupons website, Their index includes Six Flags coupons which can get site visitors as much a $25 discount. All you have to do is jot down the different promo codes to avail of the promos online.

Free Starbucks Coupons

free starbucks couponsDid you know that Starbucks gives away coffee, drinks and snack food worth $1-billion every year?

With over 47,000 stores spread all over the world—11,000 of these are dotted all over the U.S. So the best chances of getting Starbucks freebies or Starbucks coupons are in the U.S. Now, where and how can you get these Starbucks coupons?

Print Starbucks Coupons From Coupon Aggregator Sites is a site that is known for its updated pages of printable coupons which you can use for grocery shopping. Aside from offering their products in their stores, Starbucks drinks and other products have found their way into hypermarts. Download a $1-off coupon from the site’s grocery section and buy two pints of Starbucks ice cream to be worthy of that discount.

Pass Your Drawing To

One of Starbucks’ popular drinks is the Frapuccino which can now be customized in their coffee shops. But certain simpler blends are also being sold in the supermarkets. You can get another $1-discount Starbucks coupon and use it to purchase a small bottle of Frapuccino which regular costs $1.25. You can score these coupons, if you pass your Frapuccino-inspired drawings to

Download Them From StarbucksCoupons.Net

If you’re a coffee addict, you would love to browse through the entries of StarbucksCoupons.Net—a site that specializes in showing consumers ways to get their Starbucks coupons for their purchases. You can simply click on the tabs that show pictures of the Starbucks coupons and then have them printed to redeem the discount it promises on your next coffee trip.

Buy A Bag Of Starbucks Coffee

Likewise, you can opt to brew your own Starbucks coffee at home and still get freebies in their outlets. You buy a bag of Starbucks coffee, either in the hypermart or at a nearby branch, and then save the bag after you’ve emptied its contents. You may show the Starbucks coffee bag to a branch that will then have to treat you to a free tall cup of brewed coffee. Make sure to check the expiration dates, since this offer is only valid until a month after the product has expired.

Eat Free Fast Food

free fast foodThe U.S. is the land of free fast food. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of the popular fast food chains have started in the U.S. and in the face of stiff competition, fast food places invest in a lot of marketing schemes. This includes giving free fast food to some lucky consumers. But how do you get your hands (and mouths) into the free fast food available? Here are some ways.

Free Fast Food – Pizza From Surveys

Want to take a bite off a huge slice of your pizza? Take a pick from your favorite pizza fast food outlets, namely Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, or My Local Pizzeria from the site. Simply fill out the registration with your verifiable information and answer the surveys from Eventually, you get closer to your free pizza with the $50 gift card of your fast food of choice by participating in more surveys.

Free Fast Food Meals in McDonald’s

What’s your favorite item from the McDonald’s menu? Answer this question and enter your e-mail address to get yourself as much as a McDonald’s Gift Cards. Think of how much free fast food you can redeem from that card. So, if your answer is a Big Mac, go to to to get yours. Sponsors of this rewards sites sponsor the different prizes that they give away to site visitors.

Free $10-worth Meals From Hurricane Grill and Wing

If it’s barbeque you’re craving for, why not experience a free meal from Hurricane Grill and Wings. A $10-meal is on them if you sign up for their Flavor Rewards Loyalty Program in their official site. You can continue to earn more points with every succeeding purchase so that you can enjoy free fast food with bigger discounts.

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut

If you want to indulge in some sugary dessert, you simple cannot turn down a free one at that. Krispy Kreme offers one free original glazed doughnut if you become one of the “Friends of Krispy Kreme”. This provides you with a coupon which you print and redeem in participating Krispy Kreme outlets in the U.S.

Other fast food freebie offers


Household Samples

As too good to be true as it may sound, you can rely on trustworthy sites to deliver to your home your requested household samples.

While all these services are not covered by any extra charges from your end, it pays to be their active online subscriber or follower on any of their official accounts on the social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Youtube so that you’ll be the first to know when these household samples are up for grabs.

However, when you sign up to get these free household samples, your email address often starts getting daily updates. So, it’s best to create another account that is for your freebie collection hobbie only.

Receive samples of  favorite brands of household items with a Visa gift card plays host to wide array of products who are giving away free samples, ranging from food and beauty products to special featured household samples. Considered as the largest directory of free samples, you will enjoy browsing through the many offerings that Freeflys has to offer.

Aside from a growing inventory of free household samples, Freeflys also offers a new coupons feature that allows you to clip coupons that aren’t available on other sites.

Featured Household Samples

For example, on the site’s featured samples section, you may get your free household samples of fabric softener from Snuggle. If you simply register on the site, you may also get a sample of Crystal Light, a sugar-free beverage from Kraft Foods, which is available in over 40 flavors. This drink is a perfect treat for the health buffs in the family.

Other featured free stuff to be given away in the same section include a full stationary set of 20 cards with envelopes, another set of 50 pieces of 4 inches by 6 inches photo prints and up to 250 business cards., on the other hand, likewise proposes bigger savings on your domestic budget pie if you take time to grab the opportunities that are available online. To save as much as $70 on your household budget, you may sign up to get online or printable coupons, which may also vary from state to state. Or, just click on to your desired items which you can have for free in the “Free Stuff” section on their site. Items offered in this section change everyday because of the amount of requests they receive. Most of these household samples are available on a “first-click, first-serve” basis.

Where To Get Healthy Food Freebies

Who does not want to take some free and healthy foods? You don’t even have to rush to the supermarket to get some. You’ll be surprised to know that by just surfing the web, you can simply click away certain sites to get your own food freebies. The key is in finding online sources that are optimizing marketing tactics to promote their brands of foods.

Best Selection of Healthy Food Freebies –  Want a serving of some healthy food freebies which you either already love, or would love to try? You may want to check freeflys.comfor some good and best of all, free stuff. They are now giving away special fruit flavored power bars, and are constantly adding new food freebies.

Free Breakfast Food Freebies –  Start your day with Yoplus, a pro-active nutrition yogurt. A cup of yogurt gets you 20% of your daily value of vitamins A and E, along with fiber and probiotics that’s good for your digestion. You can visit their official site to get your coupons. You can also opt for a bowl of oats, if you like. Better Oats is not only good for the body but also good-tasting as it is made from 100% whole grain oats and real chunks of fruits. Taste this product yourself with a free box that comes along with clicking “Like” on their Facebook fan page.

Free Drink and Snack Food Freebies –  Why deny yourself extra sweetness in meals when you can add healthy and free amounts of it? You can add free sugar guiltlessly to your list of food freebies. A spoonful of Soooosweet is healthy because it’s made from Stevioside—an ingredient that is calorie-free and a hundred times sweeter than regular table sugar and therefore, also a safe alternative for Diabetics. Sign up to get a free sample on their official site .  For an energy boost during the day, how about a sip of Emergen-C, It’s a non-caffeinated, naturally energizing fizzy drink mix that you mix into 4 to 6 ounces of water. Each pack of 1,000 milligrams will give you a healthy blend of vitamins B and C, antioxidants and electrolytes. Try their food freebies at their official site.  For tasty yet healthy snacks made from simple, wholesome and real ingredients that are especially good for toddlers and kids, you may want to get Snikkidy’s offering of fries, pizza and cheese puffs. You can sign up at Snikkidy’s official website and get bonus food freebies.

Pamper Yourself Freebies

You can pamper yourself with great products for free.

  Get $100 worth of beauty samples.

0Mary Kay Cosmetic Products

0Sephora Favorites

0Dove Skin Care

0Beyonce Pulse Perfume

0Sample of Rimmel London Lip Gloss

0MAC Mineralize Kit

  Covergirl LipStain

0Maybelline XXL Mascara Sample

0Claim $500 worth of Sephora beauty supplies

   Covergirl Eye Shadow

  Get your Revlon Lash Potion

   Get your favorite summer samples

   Get your own Axe for Her products


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