Free Scrapbooking Stuff

There are tons of free scrapbooking stuff online, the majority of which is digital. But if digital scrapbooking is not your cup of tea, there are still physical scrapbooking freebies that you can order online.

Order your free $250 gift card. is one of the leading sites for scrapbooking. Your free gift card can be used for each and any store product: Adhesives, cut outs, die cutting, colorful ribbons, stickers, stamps and stamp pads and more. It is not only the number of different item categories, but the variety of products in each category.  For example: there are over 3,100 stamps and stamp pads to choose from.

If you’re looking for even more free scrapbooking stuff, you can visit communities like and

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Costco Gift Card

Shopping at Costco is known way to save. A Costco gift card increases this savings potential, and for that reason it is a very popular freebie.

You can order your  gift card  here.

* Please note – Only one gift card per household

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Free 7-Eleven Gift Card

With over 8,200 7-Eleven stores in the US alone, 7-Eleven gift cards are understandably very popular.

However, 7-Eleven freebies and free 7-Eleven gift cards are usually hard to come by. For example, a recent free coffee giveaway lasted only 4 hours.

You can get your free $100 7-Eleven gift card here.

This gift card applies for all 8,200 US 7-Eleven stores. It can be used for all store products and it is also accepted at 7-Eleven gas pumps.

* Only one free 7-Eleven Gift Card can be redeemed per year.

Order additional food and cosmetic freebies here.

How to Get Free Shoes Online

get free shoesIf you have stumbled onto this page, there is a very good chance that you are looking to get free shoes online. There are good news and bad news that you should know.

The bad news – Most sites advertising free shoes are scams and hoaxes.

The good news – It isn’t hard to learn how to get free shoes online, and we’ve listed all the ways right here.

ONEBecome a product tester – You can get free shoes online, in exchange for your promise to test them. For example, you can apply to become a tester for Nike’s products here. You can also try and become a product tester for Adidas or Reebok, but as they do not have easy online forms that you can fill out, you have to do the leg work and contact them by email or mail.

TWO Host a shoe party – is offering you free shoes when you host an event to your friends and relatives, and more than 10 people attend. Just note that these are free women shoes, only.

THREEFree Shoes Sweepstakes and giveaways – is giving away a free pair of shoes every week when you enter its giveaway. A similar free shoes giveaway is conducted twice a month at housershoes. Com

If you are looking to get free shoes of specific brands, the traditional way still works best: locate your pair and wait for the buy one, get one free sale. It might not be completely free, but you are guaranteed to end up with a pair of shoes that you really want!

Get more traditional free stuff (Groceries, fast food, hygene products and lots of other stuff too)

Free Downloads With Free iTunes Gift Cards

If you have a lot of free time in your hands, you can get yourself free iTunes gift cards.
How do iTunes gift cards work, in the first place? Free iTunes gift cards allow you to buy anything from an iTunes store for a specific value or amount of money.
To redeem its value, you press on the unique sixteen-digit code at the back every gift card and then use it for your shopping account. You can go spree on music and video downloads, or on different applications for your iPad, iPod or iPhone products.

Earn’ Free Gift Vouchers
Spend your free time productively at This site has members-only privileges that include the chance of winning prizes and earning points by completing a few surveys in a day. Registration will give you ten bonus points, for starters. You need to collect 200 points at a time to get each of their free iTunes gift cards available.

Answer Quizzes To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards
Another way to get free iTunes gift cards is by subscribing to the online home of the Exclusive Gift Cards. They say it would only take a few days for one to accumulate enough points for a free $100-worth iTunes gift card. What you do is simply go to their official site and answer their mini-quizzes and surveys.

Win Referrals, Win Free iTunes Gift Cards
In some paid-to-click (PTC) sites such as, members can choose from a lot of offers including, free iTunes gift cards. Instead of just answering paid surveys, you can opt to promote their site in your personal Facebook or Myspace account. You can do this by putting up your personal referral link to encourage other people to sign up. You need to add up to 1,500 points for a $15 iTunes gift card.

Click To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards
Ezy Free Inc. provides you with other ways to score free iTunes gift cards. Members of this site can opt to speak their mind about the services of certain companies. Each contributed comment at assigned official websites is equivalent to a certain number of points. Also, members can earn as many as 100 points at a time by just clicking on a competition banner.

Free Starbucks Coupons

free starbucks couponsDid you know that Starbucks gives away coffee, drinks and snack food worth $1-billion every year?

With over 47,000 stores spread all over the world—11,000 of these are dotted all over the U.S. So the best chances of getting Starbucks freebies or Starbucks coupons are in the U.S. Now, where and how can you get these Starbucks coupons?

Print Starbucks Coupons From Coupon Aggregator Sites is a site that is known for its updated pages of printable coupons which you can use for grocery shopping. Aside from offering their products in their stores, Starbucks drinks and other products have found their way into hypermarts. Download a $1-off coupon from the site’s grocery section and buy two pints of Starbucks ice cream to be worthy of that discount.

Pass Your Drawing To

One of Starbucks’ popular drinks is the Frapuccino which can now be customized in their coffee shops. But certain simpler blends are also being sold in the supermarkets. You can get another $1-discount Starbucks coupon and use it to purchase a small bottle of Frapuccino which regular costs $1.25. You can score these coupons, if you pass your Frapuccino-inspired drawings to

Download Them From StarbucksCoupons.Net

If you’re a coffee addict, you would love to browse through the entries of StarbucksCoupons.Net—a site that specializes in showing consumers ways to get their Starbucks coupons for their purchases. You can simply click on the tabs that show pictures of the Starbucks coupons and then have them printed to redeem the discount it promises on your next coffee trip.

Buy A Bag Of Starbucks Coffee

Likewise, you can opt to brew your own Starbucks coffee at home and still get freebies in their outlets. You buy a bag of Starbucks coffee, either in the hypermart or at a nearby branch, and then save the bag after you’ve emptied its contents. You may show the Starbucks coffee bag to a branch that will then have to treat you to a free tall cup of brewed coffee. Make sure to check the expiration dates, since this offer is only valid until a month after the product has expired.

Eat Free Fast Food

free fast foodThe U.S. is the land of free fast food. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of the popular fast food chains have started in the U.S. and in the face of stiff competition, fast food places invest in a lot of marketing schemes. This includes giving free fast food to some lucky consumers. But how do you get your hands (and mouths) into the free fast food available? Here are some ways.

Free Fast Food – Pizza From Surveys

Want to take a bite off a huge slice of your pizza? Take a pick from your favorite pizza fast food outlets, namely Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, or My Local Pizzeria from the site. Simply fill out the registration with your verifiable information and answer the surveys from Eventually, you get closer to your free pizza with the $50 gift card of your fast food of choice by participating in more surveys.

Free Fast Food Meals in McDonald’s

What’s your favorite item from the McDonald’s menu? Answer this question and enter your e-mail address to get yourself as much as a McDonald’s Gift Cards. Think of how much free fast food you can redeem from that card. So, if your answer is a Big Mac, go to to to get yours. Sponsors of this rewards sites sponsor the different prizes that they give away to site visitors.

Free $10-worth Meals From Hurricane Grill and Wing

If it’s barbeque you’re craving for, why not experience a free meal from Hurricane Grill and Wings. A $10-meal is on them if you sign up for their Flavor Rewards Loyalty Program in their official site. You can continue to earn more points with every succeeding purchase so that you can enjoy free fast food with bigger discounts.

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut

If you want to indulge in some sugary dessert, you simple cannot turn down a free one at that. Krispy Kreme offers one free original glazed doughnut if you become one of the “Friends of Krispy Kreme”. This provides you with a coupon which you print and redeem in participating Krispy Kreme outlets in the U.S.

Other fast food freebie offers


A Gift Card For Free

If there’s one good thing about bad times, it’s learning to be money-wise. In times when frugality is a basic necessity, you can bank on a gift card. If you’re a skeptic, you can get used to the idea that you can actually get a gift card for free, with a little patience and some computer clicks.
That is – if you know where to go…
Search The “Right” Places
To up your chances of scoring a gift card for free, you can direct yourself to sponsored search engines such as iRazoo and swagbucks. All you have to do is sign up and enter your keyword of choice into the site’s search bar to earn points accordingly. The more you search, the more points you will get. These points will add up to prizes like Amazon gift cards.
Be A “Friend,” Win A Gift Card
Millions of people connect efficiently through social networking sites. It’s no wonder then that these sites have also become a powerful marketing tool. Simply log on to MySpace or Facebook everyday and keep a close eye on those ads or companies who actively shout out their promos. US’s largest warehouse membership club, Sam’s Club, for example, offers $20-gift cards to their Facebook friends for the month of August.
But before you sign up for anything relating to a promo, it’s important that you check the authenticity of the account. A fake IKEA furniture fan page, for example, dangled $1,000 gift card for free to its thousands of unknowing fans who instantly fell for the false promo. It’s important to keep track of news of new social media scams so that you won’t waste your time.
Go To Rewards Sites To Get A Gift Card For Free
A decade active in the business, MyPoints is a popular go-to site if you want to get a gift card for free. This site forwards ads by email to its members. Once registered, you can spend a short portion of your day “earning points” by reading an e-mail, filling up a survey form, or voting in a redirected site. At the end of the day, you can sum up your points and redeem these into gift card offerings from their 75 participating companies such as Taco Bell, Applebee’s and Boca Java.
Trade-In To Get A Gift Card For Free
You can also trade-in your old textbooks to get a gift card for free. currently has the “Textbook Buyback” promo. All you have to do is ship your old textbooks for free and claim the gift card upon their receipt.

Check this list of available free gift cards