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How To Download & Use The eMule Torrent Client

eMule has an easy 3 steps installation process:

1. Click on the “download now” button

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Our eMule Review

One of the main strengthes of eMule, is its ability to bring you fresh new content quickly: new movies, recently published books and music albums, as soon as they hit the stores.

But in our opinion, eMule’s most attractive feature is its ability to pull out classic files: it connects the few users that have these rare gems – old TV shows, rare recordings of your favorite band and much more.

The software is extremely easy to download and install: you start downloading your favorite shows, movies, games and whatever digital content you can think of, within seconds.

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facebook-coupon-codesAdvertising on Facebook is premium advertising space with millions of users active in this social network. If you want to take advantage of this advertising space, you have to pay for it. Another way of getting this advertising space for free is by participating in other website promos so you can get hold of a Facebook coupon code which will entitle you to that space. Facebook coupon codes are being distributed by various websites as part of their online marketing scheme.

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If you have a lot of free time in your hands, you can get yourself free iTunes gift cards.
How do iTunes gift cards work, in the first place? Free iTunes gift cards allow you to buy anything from an iTunes store for a specific value or amount of money.
To redeem its value, you press on the unique sixteen-digit code at the back every gift card and then use it for your shopping account. You can go spree on music and video downloads, or on different applications for your iPad, iPod or iPhone products.

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Another way to get free iTunes gift cards is by subscribing to the online home of the Exclusive Gift Cards. They say it would only take a few days for one to accumulate enough points for a free $100-worth iTunes gift card. What you do is simply go to their official site and answer their mini-quizzes and surveys.

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Ezy Free Inc. provides you with other ways to score free iTunes gift cards. Members of this site can opt to speak their mind about the services of certain companies. Each contributed comment at assigned official websites is equivalent to a certain number of points. Also, members can earn as many as 100 points at a time by just clicking on a competition banner.

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Free Lady Gaga DownloadsAmerican pop star, Lady Gaga, has truly skyrocketed to become one of the most-searched artists in this era of Internet-locked listeners and music fans.

More often than not, music, these days, gets a lot of help in terms of distribution in numerous websites by way of paid downloads. Still, fans can listen for free. Pop music fans, for example, can easily access free Lady Gaga downloads in different sites.

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This year, Lady Gaga is’s featured artist because of the most number of requests for downloads this site has received from its members. gives each member a total of 1,000 free songs, and you can free Lady Gaga downloads to your long list of a thousand mp3s. Just log on to, run a search, and go gaga over all the Lady Gaga tracks you can get for free.

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Create your own account at and get a chance to download from others’ uploads. Members can share their favorite songs and videos in this site. Luckily, there are lot of Lady Gaga fans who belong to this site. So to get your copy of Lady Gaga’s songs or videos, all you have to do is look up for her song in the site’s search engine.

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Log in to to get the latest of Lady Gaga’s tracks. This site has an impressive profile of each known artist. You can access to Lady Gaga’s thousands of photos, hundreds of videos and complete collection of her tracks in her profile. You can download by adding a particular song to your playlist.

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Ordinarily, a application will cost you $10 for a month’s-worth of continual downloads. Luckily, you can start your account and save on some free Lady Gaga downloads by taking their free three-day-trial to your advantage. Be a member now and save Lady Gaga’s tracks, free of charge. You can also send yourself ringtone versions of songs you like through the same website.

Free Online Organizer

SpringPad Personal Organizer: Keep all of your lists, recipes and ideas in one place

The thing that is so great about the Springpad organizer is that you can log in with your Twitter, Gmail or Facebook account,

and store all the things that you need to remember in one easy-to-access account.

The Springpad idea is great because it is so simple:

Save & pull the info you need, when you need it

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More About Springpad – Springpad is a free personal organizer that you can use to organize all of your clutter. Organize your desktop clutter – clear post-its, newspaper clippings, write your ideas, recipes, travel plans, to-do lists, and all the rest and get rid of home and office clutter.

Springpad is an easy way to help you remember everything and help you get organized and not forget anything.

Springpad collects everything you want to save so you have access to it at all times – on the web and on your phone:

Use the “Spring It!” button to save ideas or products from any website and find them again later.
Add in your Google or Facebook contacts and match up gift ideas with everyone you know.
Record all your tracking numbers for safe-keeping.

Put all your to-do lists in Springpad and never lose them. Get rid or paper notes.
Set alarms to text or email reminders to you.

Put all your travel plans in one notebook, like hotel and rental car confirmation numbers, Google Maps, and places to go. If you discover a restaurant you don’t want to forget, add that to your Springpad and you’ll be automatically linked up to Yelp reviews and Open Table reservations.

Collect recipes from any website with a couple clicks. (you no longer need to constantly bookmark or print recipes you find)
Use your recipes to create a mealplan with a complete shopping list of ingredients.

Besides collecting, Springpad has many free apps to help you plan for the Holidays like a budget tracker, a gift wish-list app, and a party planner. You can also easily keep track of who sent you Christmas cards.