Websites Like Groupon

If you are already a fan of Groupon, and you think to yourself that its a great invention that helped you save tons of money, that this next post is for you. We have compiled a list of websites like Groupon that you can visit to see which are their current coupon deals.

For those that are still not sure how is Groupon different from all other websites that look and feel almost the same, the difference is simple: The deals. Each site promotes different deals, so if you sign up to more sites (signing up is free to all of them), you will be exposed to more deals and more savings. - Huge Daily Saving of 50-90% on Spas
1. KGB Deals – KGB is an international Groupon like site. So you can check out what is has to offer you even if you are not in the US. To be exact, KGB Deals has deals in the US, UK, France and Italy.

2. Dealon – Dealon has a wide range of great deals, but it will only credit your for referrals if a person you have referred has made his first purchase within 72 hours. So that’s a little disadvantage that Dealon has.

3. Commander Coupon  is a relatively new Groupon like site, but it has great deals. Plus, you will get $10 for every friend you refer that makes a purchase.

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Free Stickers

Free stickers are a great way to make any sticker collection bigger, or decorate anything from notebooks to entire rooms. While most free stickers are branded, you can also get some that are pretty neat and aren’t just a sticky advertisement.

1. Octanereport – In exchange for registering as a reader of this site, you can get a big yellow sticker that says: “OR fueling your drive”

2. Backcountry – Love the goat logo of Backcountry? This is the freebie sticker that you can get when you fill in your details.

3. You can order some free stickers from Epic Outfit (the outdoor gear and camping site) by emailing their sales department at

4. Hunting sticker – If you are into hunting, you can get a free sticker that tells it to the world.

5. Friendly to the planet – Do you know what a Rockbus is? This sticker states “My other car is a Rockbus”, so if you have a car and know what a Rockbus (a bus that takes you to music shows), this sticker is great.

6. Army sticker – You can get a sticker saying “I served” – You just have to tick off where you served first.

7. Free stickers from Odbody – This sticker says “I’m not lost – … Found me inspiring and wanted to pass me on”.

8. Robot Food – You can advertise an interesting philosophy with a free sticker from this website.

If you are still in the mood to do some freebie hunting, you can get even more free samples here.

Free Paper Samples

free paper samplesWhether you need free paper samples for your collection of paper sheets, for a special project, or you need these in order to choose invitation for an event that you are planning, there are many ways to get colorful free paper samples.

  1. Leaderpaper – Up to 5 samples of paper sheets, and you can choose which color, size and finish you would like.
  2. Paper sample made to order – Clampitt is offering you a free sample of paper, made according to your specifications: weight, color, finish and size.
  3. Plain Paper Samples – DTG is offering free branded paper samples from the following brands: Moab, EPSON, BullDog, FineLine and more.
  4. Free Envelope Samples – This UK based company offers its free envelope samples worldwide, but you do need to pay for the shipping costs, which are provided in pounds. They have a collection of over 20 (!) different styles of free envelopes that you can order.
  5. You can visit and click on the “sample request” link to get a free sample of their full color envelope printing

Although not in the “free paper samples” category, you can always check eBay for paper samples. At any given moment sellers on eBay feature unique paper samples that you can collect and use, usually for very low prices.

You can ger more free samples and freebies here.

Free Samples of Pens

free samples of pensWe have comprised a list of all the free samples of pens that we were able to find. Most pen freebies come

Totally Free Samples of Pens

1. AmsterdamPrinting allows you to order up to 5 different free samples of pens from their website.

They offer a selection of over 100(!) pens, so you can be picky and order exactly the type (and color) of pens that you like.

2. Winchell pen sample works very similarly to AmsterdamPrinting pens. All you need to do is visit the product page and click on “request a sample”, to get a free Winchell pen.

We know that freebies that require paying shipping and handling fees are extremely less popular, and most companies that asks for s&h make the freebie totally not worth it.

However, in some cases there is an added bonus that makes these freebies worth considering.

We found one that allows you to customize your pens, which is a nice added bonus if you want to promote your business (or any other business or person).

3. 5 Free Pens by GoPromo – GoPromo offer 5 custom engraved pens that they will prepare with your company name and logo (or you can just write your name on them). You cannot choose which colors you will receive but chances are you will be getting a colorful batch, and the s&h is $2.99.

Free Future Telling


Although most don’t like spending money on it, everyone wants their future revealed to them from time to time. This is usually a very expensive luxury. However, there are some forms of free future telling, that range from plain amusing to “there might actually be something there”.

  1. Tara the fortune teller – If you are looking for a free psychic reading, you can submit your email address and have Tara send you a free future telling report, in the field that you are interested in. You can choose between love, money and other topics.
  2. Free future telling by programmed websites – Once such option is the “Madame Poot” site, that starts by asking for your name and how many times a week do you shower, and finishes off with financial advice or simply telling you to trush your intuition.
  3. Online free future telling – This is also usually a machine, only this time you actually get to type in your exact question and get a true yes/no/maybe answer to your question.

While there could be other ways, like preparing your own set of runes and casting them, or borrowing a pack of Tarot cards, the ones presented here are definitely the quicker ones.

Do you know of any other ways to get a free future telling?

Free Flashlight

free flashlightLooking for a free flashlight? Small LED flashlights are among the easiest freebies to find, but not online.

If you are going to a fair, chances are at least some of the booths in every fair will give away a free branded flashlight. But what if don’t have any events of this kind coming up? Oh, well, in this case, we have listed all the free flashlight offers that you can find online here.

1. Free flashlight from 100 Mini Rewards – 100 Mini Rewards are giving away a small free LED flashlight, that comes with a built in key chain. In order to get your free flashlight, you need to submit your shipping details and complete a free survey. All in all, it is the best flashlight freebie that we were able to find.

2. Harbor Freight are offering a massive, 9 LED bulbs free flashlight, with any purchase that you make on their site. All you have to do is add the flashlight (item #65020) and enter the promo code WEBPROMO.

3. Although not really a free flashlight, if you have an iPhone you can get a free iPhone application that turns your phone into a flashlight in very neat ways: – All you have to do is shake your phone to get the flashlight working.

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