Free Coats

free coatsIf you are looking for free coats, chances are that you already know by now that the variety of options to obtain such a freebie are quite slim online. However, the good news are that if you know where to look, you can get free coats for kids and the entire family.

Locate a Coat Drive Near You – Many charities are holding out annual coat drives, collecting coats from those who don’t need them, cleaning them up and giving them away.

Check Out Relevant Craigslist’ Ads – Your local Craigslist site can hold the answer you want. Take a look at the “for sale/wanted” section, and select the “free” category. Depending on your local, you can score great free clothes, from people who just need to clear room in their closets for the latest trend.

Free Coats for Kids – The foundation “Operation Warm” is giving out free coats since 2004, across the US. You can contact them at and request specific information on how to qualify for a free coat.

Get a Free Gift Card – Another method to consider is applying for a free Visa gift card that will entitle you to get free coats from any brand that you desire, up to the card’s value.

Looking to save money with freebies? Check out our free coupons section.

Get Free Hamster Stuff

It isn’t Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving yet but free hamster stuff is available! It sounds incredible why cool stuff for hamsters are given for free, but they are, as long as you know where to look.

Where to get free hamster stuff

This kind individual has no more time for her hamster so she gives them away but there is still lot of stuff left. So she organized a contest that will give away these as prizes. She mentioned that most items are almost new like cage, toys, furniture and a lot more. You can view them by visiting her

site: – Free Cycle Org is a nonprofit movement of people in the United States and in most parts of the world who are giving and getting stuff for free. Find local groups and see if they have hamster stuff.

In Manchester area, a couple is giving away hamster cages on a first come – first serve basis. They are moving to a new home plus an upcoming baby, so goodbye hamsters. Four cages available are: 2 pc. 1x pink hagen zoo zone 2, practically new condition as only housed dwarfies in there; 1x Savic Rody, Blue and green, little nibbled round the hideaway area but perfectly fine; 1x Savic Spelos-Used only as a hospital/spare cage. Good as new. And you can search to find other freebies as well.


From Rochester, Michigan – 5 hamster cages and gears, 1 bag of aspen bedding, 6 boxes of litter and few water bottles are given away for free. .Interested party will just take care of the shipping and handling fee. Visit this site for more information:–foods–litter-and-bedding-2D8F0D359E4165C4

The owner put his hamsters to sleep and left some useful stuff with this contact. These free hamster stuff are for anyone who claims it. There are some corn cob bedding, cotton wool, food (not rat suitable) etc. The phone number is 011 023 1522. Boskruin Veterinary Clinic.

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You can go to Craigslist and search in their free stuff category. Most of the time, you can find leads that will help you get free stuff for hamsters. 

Free product samples are offered as pet food, pet supplies, treats, toys, safety kits, deodorizers, and more. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, tropical fish, hamster, horse, or other animal, you should check out these freebies. Contact:

Some kind-hearted soul living in the west wrote this note: I’m giving away two cages cause no longer breeding hamsters.


The internet is the richest source of leads for you to discover the latest free hamster stuff. Since there are thousands of hamster lovers, they often buy stuff for their pets and later give away for one reason or another. Often it is given on a come-first serve basis so you have to be as agile as your hamster.

Order even more free samples by mail here.

How to Get Free Shoes Online

get free shoesIf you have stumbled onto this page, there is a very good chance that you are looking to get free shoes online. There are good news and bad news that you should know.

The bad news – Most sites advertising free shoes are scams and hoaxes.

The good news – It isn’t hard to learn how to get free shoes online, and we’ve listed all the ways right here.

ONEBecome a product tester – You can get free shoes online, in exchange for your promise to test them. For example, you can apply to become a tester for Nike’s products here. You can also try and become a product tester for Adidas or Reebok, but as they do not have easy online forms that you can fill out, you have to do the leg work and contact them by email or mail.

TWO Host a shoe party – is offering you free shoes when you host an event to your friends and relatives, and more than 10 people attend. Just note that these are free women shoes, only.

THREEFree Shoes Sweepstakes and giveaways – is giving away a free pair of shoes every week when you enter its giveaway. A similar free shoes giveaway is conducted twice a month at housershoes. Com

If you are looking to get free shoes of specific brands, the traditional way still works best: locate your pair and wait for the buy one, get one free sale. It might not be completely free, but you are guaranteed to end up with a pair of shoes that you really want!

Get more traditional free stuff (Groceries, fast food, hygene products and lots of other stuff too)

Household Samples

As too good to be true as it may sound, you can rely on trustworthy sites to deliver to your home your requested household samples.

While all these services are not covered by any extra charges from your end, it pays to be their active online subscriber or follower on any of their official accounts on the social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Youtube so that you’ll be the first to know when these household samples are up for grabs.

However, when you sign up to get these free household samples, your email address often starts getting daily updates. So, it’s best to create another account that is for your freebie collection hobbie only.

Receive samples of  favorite brands of household items with a Visa gift card plays host to wide array of products who are giving away free samples, ranging from food and beauty products to special featured household samples. Considered as the largest directory of free samples, you will enjoy browsing through the many offerings that Freeflys has to offer.

Aside from a growing inventory of free household samples, Freeflys also offers a new coupons feature that allows you to clip coupons that aren’t available on other sites.

Featured Household Samples

For example, on the site’s featured samples section, you may get your free household samples of fabric softener from Snuggle. If you simply register on the site, you may also get a sample of Crystal Light, a sugar-free beverage from Kraft Foods, which is available in over 40 flavors. This drink is a perfect treat for the health buffs in the family.

Other featured free stuff to be given away in the same section include a full stationary set of 20 cards with envelopes, another set of 50 pieces of 4 inches by 6 inches photo prints and up to 250 business cards., on the other hand, likewise proposes bigger savings on your domestic budget pie if you take time to grab the opportunities that are available online. To save as much as $70 on your household budget, you may sign up to get online or printable coupons, which may also vary from state to state. Or, just click on to your desired items which you can have for free in the “Free Stuff” section on their site. Items offered in this section change everyday because of the amount of requests they receive. Most of these household samples are available on a “first-click, first-serve” basis.

Save Money for College

Upromise – Where someone else saves for your (or your family’s) college

Listen to this: Let someone else pay for your higher education.

What will you answer? No, maybe, or a DEFINITE “YES!”

Upromise automatically puts money in your college fund whenever you make everyday purchases.

What is the Freebie –

A FREE college savings plan for you or the person of your choice.

How do you get your free college fund –

1. Simply sign up with your details and those of the recipient of the funds

2. Add a credit card or grocery card to your account

3. Start getting money back for your college fund when you buy at –

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