Free eMail Samples

free email samplesThere are many people looking to get free samples via mailbox, while forgetting an entire world of freebies:  the kind you get via email and can claim whenever you want. And there are tons of freebies like that out there!

Here is My Freebie’s top picks for free email samples –

Legitimate Free Samples by Mail 2014

Legitimate Free Samples by Mail 2014There are many companies that will be happy to send legitimate free samples your way, because free samples are a great way to expose more people to a new (or existing) brand, develop relationships with potential buyers and increase existing customers loyalty.

That being said, there are many free sample request forms that were designed to get you to leave your details (specifically, email and perhaps a phone number) so you can be contacted by various companies with offers and a variety of announcements that you might not be interested in. It is a fact that telling which one is which could be quite hard for a newbie freebie hunter, but it gets easier with time.

One important tip to share before diving into the free samples by mail 2014 list: the more specific and low cost the sample is, the higher your chances are of actually getting a sample without being required to fill out long forms, answer surveys or participate in various offers.

In the meantime, here is My Freebie’s

updated list of free samples by mail for 2014

  • Sign up to get free Agave tea here:
  • Free Celestial Seasonings tea – Visit the brand’s promotions page on their site to get their free samples and occasional tea related freebies:
  • Twinings tea discounts – The huge exposure on “50 Shades of Gray” helped this tea and we couldn’t find any free samples, but there is a promotional code that will give you a significant discount next time you shop online –
  • You can order a high protein chocolate mint bar (if you don’t find the combo too weird for your taste) here:
  • Free sample of Godiva chocolate when you sign up to their rewards program (on the Offical website)
    RealCup coffee offers samples and coupons on their Facebook page, all in exchange for a “like” –
  • Free sample of Eucerin body lotion here
  • And here is one time sensitive offer: a daily sweepstakes for a fancy wooden Bigelow tea box on facebook –

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Free Pepsi

free pepsiDo you know that in blind tastings, Pepsi is the winner? Even those who are zealous Coca Cola fans, choose Pepsi Cola as the better tasting Cola. So free Pepsi is really in demand.

Free Pepsi – Samples & Coupons

1. Pepsi Products Gift Card – You can apply to get a gift card to purchase all Pepsi brand items. Aside from the soft drink itself, there is a lot of Pepsi memorabilia that you can get here. This offer will require a bit of work on your part, but in return it provides the highest return: up to $1,000 of free Pepsi shopping.

2. Soda Coupons Delivered – This site offers coupons and samples for a variety of soft drinks brands, such as Coca Cola, Mountain Dew and Minute Maid. To get free Pepsi coupons, you will need to subscribe to their newsletter and monitor your inbox for upcoming coupons.

3. – Stating the obvious, Pepsi itself advertises free Pepsi offers from time to time. You can sign up at and get notified when new Pepsi freebies and contests become available. If you are less of a newsletter guy, you can keep track of brand activity via Facebook or Twitter, both have active Pepsi brand pages.

4. Free Pepsi at Costco – Here you can register for a free $500 Costco gift card, that can be used for all store purchases, including Pepsi products.

5. Pepsi Free Coupons – This is another option to get coupons for grocery shopping. Here too, the variety of brands is large and changes frequently, so the best thing is to have an email account opened for grocery coupons, and every once in a while, skim through the different coupons to see what soft drink offers are currently available.

Searching for Free Pepsi Online

Since many coupons are only available for extremely short periods of time, or “while supply lasts”, a good way to make sure you only get relevant offers is run a Google search query and ask for “free Pepsi coupons” results that were published during the last week.
This way, you reduce the risk of reading through entire posts and choosing attractive freebies, only to find out that they are no longer valid.

Many coupon sites fail to keep up with the speedy change rate of available and expired offers, so this way, while you run the risk of losing some good, long standing coupon offers, will save you time and help you zero in on currently relevant offers.

Free Fragrance Samples for Women

Getting stuck with a perfume that you don’t really like is really unpleasant.  You cannot re-gift it once it has been opened and more often than not, you have no idea who will enjoy this used perfume.

Usually, these perfumes simply gather dust while losing fragrance, until you have to throw them away. For this reason free fragrance samples for women are very attractive freebies.

You get to try the perfume on, and only if you like it, you buy the full-size bottle.

Not all companies are offering free fragrance samples. But most of the good perfumes speak for themselves once you get to try them out.

The list of free fragrance samples for women:

Check out our blog for additional freebies and samples. For this month’s top freebies, click here.

Free Ink Pen Samples

We have blogged in the past about free samples of pens but since new companies are adding the option of ordering a free pen to their site’s offering, we thought that an additional post on the topic is required.

While most free samples of pens are low in quality, and will probably stop working within a couple of weeks, the plus side is that there are many places to order these and so you will never run out.

Also, we were able to find some higher end products. The internet age (and computers) are giving pen companies a run for their money, with less people using pens…

So enjoy these free ink pen samples

  • Free product package – This package includes not only a free pen but also a key chain, balloons and a bottle opener
  • 4imprint – When you sign up to 4imprint you get free samples and product catalogs in the mail
  • Free pen refills
  • Free Uniball pen – This is a free sample of the JetStream 101 ink pen.

If you are looking for other freebies, please take a look around as there are many samples and coupons that you can get on MyFreebie‘s blog.

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend the complete list of this month’s free samples.

Free Sample – Stretch Mark Cream

Claudia Stevens Stretch Mark Smoothing CreamThose looking for a free sample – Stretch mark cream should be very cautious. While there are many sites claiming to offer free trials for stretch mark remedies and free samples in the mail, the truth is that you will be required to insert your credit card details – Almost everywhere.

In fact, if you want a free bottle of stretch mark cream, chances are you will be requested to pay for at least another bottle. At best, you will be able to get a “buy one, get one free” deal.

However, many sites will choose to stress out the benefits of these offers,  so you are advised to check the fine print: Can you return the stretch mark cream if it is not effective? What is exactly the full price that you will be requested to pay in order to get your free sample of stretch mark cream?

Click here for genuinely free samples and coupons.

Free Stuff for Weddings

A wedding is an expensive business. Dress, tuxedo, catering, flower arrangements, photographer, wedding cake, invitations and the list goes on. Getting your hands on some free stuff For weddings can help you cut wedding costs and improve your overall wedding experience.

  • Wedding invitation samples – offer free samples from each of their wedding invitation items. All you need to do is click on the “Not sure? Order a Sample on the bottom of the page with the invitation you’re considering.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond invitation samples – This is another site that send you free samples and wedding invitations
  • Free knife – Calphalon offers you a free knife from their collection when you sign up for their gift registry.
  • Rimmel London lip gloss sample – While you will be required to qualified for this freebie, it’s a very popular one and it is definitely worth checking out.
  • Free CoverGirl samples – CoverGirl makeup samples.
  • Free foundation by Sephora – While this is not completely free, you have to make an online purchase, there is no minimum amount required. If you are already shop regularly at Sephora, make sure to claim this SPF 15 freebie.
  • Victoria’s Secret gift card –  More of a wedding night than a wedding day freebie, Victoria’s Secret lingerie is very popular and a free gift card can boost your savings in that department.
  • Free printable wedding planners
  • Free veil – Get a free sample of veil fabric – choose from five different shades.

My Freebie reviews various freebies from different brands and constantly updates its freebies stock. Click here for even more free samples and coupons.

Free Razor Samples

Do you know that there are places where you can get free razor samples?

You never thought that you can get razors without spending a dime just by using a little initiative. Razors are important tools for guys who want to exude clean-shaven look or for those individuals who want to get rid of unsightly hair. Use your computer to search for websites to learn more about free razor samples.
Some places where you get free samples and what they offer:

1. – This is among the top razor brand for both men and women. They also give free samples of shaving gels, creams and after shave products. For the ladies, they have the where blades are specifically designed for milady. Speaking about economy, their razor contains five blades on a single cartridge so you get four extra blades.

2. – You can shop online and click on free sample button to get free Gillette Fusion. This innovative razor has five blades closely spaced. It is equipped with a Flexible Comfort Guard that conforms to your facial contour to comfortably shave the surface and at the back of the cartridge is the Precision Trimmer Blade allowing you to easily trim sideburns.

3. gives free Schick Quattro Razor, just visit this site and cast a vote which facial hair design you want to have and they will offer you free razor samples. Fill up the form correctly to get these free samples.

4. Noxema has free razor samples but first you have to purchase any Noxema razor, then print out and fill in a rebate form within 30 days of purchase to get your money back (up to $3). Their razors appear to be similar to the Mach-3 for men, which is greatly superior compared to other handheld razors. It will take from 4 to 6 weeks to get the sample which is for the 4-blade shaver, but they also have a 3-blade model.

5. BIC manufactures not only pens but also razors and they give out free samples by using BIC sensitive coupons. This top quality stainless razor is easy to use. It is mounted onto the fixed head which is ideal for newbies in shaving.  The innovative design of BIC Sensitive fits in the groove of the hand easily and fits the contour of nearly every face. To get BIC Sensitive razor, you have to get BIC Sensitive coupons. Visit BIC Sensitive razor coupon site for free coupons and printable coupons.

Remember, giving free samples, freebies and other stuff are ways for the companies to advertise without any expenses. You are given the opportunity to try their products and give your feed backs. This is the best method for them to get free survey of their goods. Just imagine, getting these quality stuff for free. Another good lead for free samples and coupons is Free Sample Agent.

Summary:  Since razors are important day-to-day commodity for most people, they are additional drain in one’s pocket. Free razor samples will go a long way in maintaning your budget. You can actually get free razor samples of well-known brands including razor blades. In fact, you can even avail of freebies, discounts and coupons. Just search the internet and the websites will bring you there.

Get more free samples by mail and free coupons here.

Free Cat Food Samples

Some cats are very picky about what they eat (or even touch). Trying out free cat food samples is a good way to determine what food a cat sits well with. Many manufacturers would be glad to give out free samples as it helps in advertising their product.

Googling ‘free cat food samples’ is also a no-nonsense way of getting that sample you want. Some brands post freebies and promotions on their websites. Here are some brands to try:

  • Purina, one of the leading brands of pet food and pet care products post offers and coupons on their website ( Some pet care sites like PetSmart ( also give out free samples of this brand.
  • Benny Bullys is considered to be the best selling pet treats in North America. They are best known for their high palatability and pure meat content. For free samples of their treats, follow this link ( and fill out the form.
  • Flint River Ranch is a manufacturer of “oven-baked premium health food for pets” and they have distributors who offer free samples on their websites. Here’s one:
  • Procter and Gamble, the makers of Iams Premium Cat Food also offer free coupons through their site They also offer samples of their other brands along with the free cat food.
  • Life’s Abundance is a company that offers health products for people and pets. Follow this link for their list of freebies:

There are lots of other ways to find free cat food samples. Whether you are printing out an online coupon or cutting one out from a magazine, it is important to take note of the terms and conditions of the promo. Most promotions have expiration dates and some are only applicable to certain retailers or variety. Read the fine print before jumping on an offer to make sure you don’t waste precious time and effort.

It is fairly easy to hunt for free cat food samples. The first is to ask a pet supply store for samples of cat food. Most manufacturer representatives leave sample packs with the store owner or manager. These sample packs are often used as tie-ups with other products or are intended for customers who are asking for them.

All large pet food manufacturers have official websites. Another way to obtain free cat food samples is to log on to their websites and ask for one. Most of them would be happy to send out samples especially if you say you’ve heard good things about their product and you want to see for yourself. There’s really no harm in asking; you get either a yes or a no.

There are pet care sites and online magazines that may post promotions and freebies. Also, there are websites dedicated to freebies and coupons. Offers on these sites come and go very quickly so you have to check from time to time to find free cat food samples. Some of these are:

  • Free Mania (
  • Best Free Stuff (
  • Freebie Finder (

With all the free samples available, a cat can be fed for free for an indefinite period. But drastic changes in a cat’s diet can lead to digestive problems. Remember that trying out free cat food samples is a way to find out what works best for your pet.

Get free samples by mail and free coupons here.

Free Stuff On Your Birthday

free stuff on your birthdayWhat kind of free stuff can you get on your birthday?

The answer might surprise you.
Unless you are capable of eating breakfast 5 times, eating lunch 10 times, and eating dinner 15 times (all in the course of 24 hours), you cannot really enjoy most of the available free stuff on your birthday.
Restaurants are very generous when it comes to giving away free food on your birthday, but other places will usually treat you on your birthday only if you are a paid member.

So where can you go to get free stuff on your birthday, and what kind of stuff?
Let’s start by stating the obvious: no company knows when’s your birthday, until you sign up to its members club. Many memberships are totally free, so it is recommended to sign up, and start checking a couple of weeks before your birthday what kind of freebies are you entitled to. A couple of examples are:

You can get a free Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday.
Joining Chevys Fresh Mex members club, will entitle you to “special birthday gifts”. Some have reported to get a free dessert but this can change by the time of your next birthday.

If you are a registered Starbucks card holder, you can choose a free beverage to get on your birthday. These cards aren’t free, but if you are already a customer, you can earn rewards when you join.

Ice Cream
Baskin Robbins are happy to give you a free ice cream on your birthday, as long as you make sure to sign up for their birthday club first.

Free Stuff on Your Birthday (that isn’t eatable)
L’Occitane – A membership of L’Occitane entitles you to discounts year round, but the month of your birthday
AVEDA is offering you a free gift that is valued at up to $24.00 when you sign up on