Free Downloads With Free iTunes Gift Cards

If you have a lot of free time in your hands, you can get yourself free iTunes gift cards.
How do iTunes gift cards work, in the first place? Free iTunes gift cards allow you to buy anything from an iTunes store for a specific value or amount of money.
To redeem its value, you press on the unique sixteen-digit code at the back every gift card and then use it for your shopping account. You can go spree on music and video downloads, or on different applications for your iPad, iPod or iPhone products.

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Spend your free time productively at This site has members-only privileges that include the chance of winning prizes and earning points by completing a few surveys in a day. Registration will give you ten bonus points, for starters. You need to collect 200 points at a time to get each of their free iTunes gift cards available.

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Another way to get free iTunes gift cards is by subscribing to the online home of the Exclusive Gift Cards. They say it would only take a few days for one to accumulate enough points for a free $100-worth iTunes gift card. What you do is simply go to their official site and answer their mini-quizzes and surveys.

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In some paid-to-click (PTC) sites such as, members can choose from a lot of offers including, free iTunes gift cards. Instead of just answering paid surveys, you can opt to promote their site in your personal Facebook or Myspace account. You can do this by putting up your personal referral link to encourage other people to sign up. You need to add up to 1,500 points for a $15 iTunes gift card.

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Ezy Free Inc. provides you with other ways to score free iTunes gift cards. Members of this site can opt to speak their mind about the services of certain companies. Each contributed comment at assigned official websites is equivalent to a certain number of points. Also, members can earn as many as 100 points at a time by just clicking on a competition banner.