Free Flashlight

free flashlightLooking for a free flashlight? Small LED flashlights are among the easiest freebies to find, but not online.

If you are going to a fair, chances are at least some of the booths in every fair will give away a free branded flashlight. But what if don’t have any events of this kind coming up? Oh, well, in this case, we have listed all the free flashlight offers that you can find online here.

1. Free flashlight from 100 Mini Rewards – 100 Mini Rewards are giving away a small free LED flashlight, that comes with a built in key chain. In order to get your free flashlight, you need to submit your shipping details and complete a free survey. All in all, it is the best flashlight freebie that we were able to find.

2. Harbor Freight are offering a massive, 9 LED bulbs free flashlight, with any purchase that you make on their site. All you have to do is add the flashlight (item #65020) and enter the promo code WEBPROMO.

3. Although not really a free flashlight, if you have an iPhone you can get a free iPhone application that turns your phone into a flashlight in very neat ways: – All you have to do is shake your phone to get the flashlight working.

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