Free Pepsi

free pepsiDo you know that in blind tastings, Pepsi is the winner? Even those who are zealous Coca Cola fans, choose Pepsi Cola as the better tasting Cola. So free Pepsi is really in demand.

Free Pepsi – Samples & Coupons

1. Pepsi Products Gift Card – You can apply to get a gift card to purchase all Pepsi brand items. Aside from the soft drink itself, there is a lot of Pepsi memorabilia that you can get here. This offer will require a bit of work on your part, but in return it provides the highest return: up to $1,000 of free Pepsi shopping.

2. Soda Coupons Delivered – This site offers coupons and samples for a variety of soft drinks brands, such as Coca Cola, Mountain Dew and Minute Maid. To get free Pepsi coupons, you will need to subscribe to their newsletter and monitor your inbox for upcoming coupons.

3. – Stating the obvious, Pepsi itself advertises free Pepsi offers from time to time. You can sign up at and get notified when new Pepsi freebies and contests become available. If you are less of a newsletter guy, you can keep track of brand activity via Facebook or Twitter, both have active Pepsi brand pages.

4. Free Pepsi at Costco – Here you can register for a free $500 Costco gift card, that can be used for all store purchases, including Pepsi products.

5. Pepsi Free Coupons – This is another option to get coupons for grocery shopping. Here too, the variety of brands is large and changes frequently, so the best thing is to have an email account opened for grocery coupons, and every once in a while, skim through the different coupons to see what soft drink offers are currently available.

Searching for Free Pepsi Online

Since many coupons are only available for extremely short periods of time, or “while supply lasts”, a good way to make sure you only get relevant offers is run a Google search query and ask for “free Pepsi coupons” results that were published during the last week.
This way, you reduce the risk of reading through entire posts and choosing attractive freebies, only to find out that they are no longer valid.

Many coupon sites fail to keep up with the speedy change rate of available and expired offers, so this way, while you run the risk of losing some good, long standing coupon offers, will save you time and help you zero in on currently relevant offers.