Free Stickers

Free stickers are a great way to make any sticker collection bigger, or decorate anything from notebooks to entire rooms. While most free stickers are branded, you can also get some that are pretty neat and aren’t just a sticky advertisement.

1. Octanereport – In exchange for registering as a reader of this site, you can get a big yellow sticker that says: “OR fueling your drive”

2. Backcountry – Love the goat logo of Backcountry? This is the freebie sticker that you can get when you fill in your details.

3. You can order some free stickers from Epic Outfit (the outdoor gear and camping site) by emailing their sales department at

4. Hunting sticker – If you are into hunting, you can get a free sticker that tells it to the world.

5. Friendly to the planet – Do you know what a Rockbus is? This sticker states “My other car is a Rockbus”, so if you have a car and know what a Rockbus (a bus that takes you to music shows), this sticker is great.

6. Army sticker – You can get a sticker saying “I served” – You just have to tick off where you served first.

7. Free stickers from Odbody – This sticker says “I’m not lost – … Found me inspiring and wanted to pass me on”.

8. Robot Food – You can advertise an interesting philosophy with a free sticker from this website.

If you are still in the mood to do some freebie hunting, you can get even more free samples here.