Free Stuff for iPhone

free stuff for iPhone

2 types of free stuff for iPhone that you can get –

  • Virtual goodies – Free ringtones, free wallpapers and free apps. These are extremely easy to come by, and you can even create cool free stuff to share online yourself (for example, by using
  • Actual goods – Free protective cases, free iphone screen protector, stickers and all other things that you can actually touch. These are a bit harder to come by, as most freebie sites don’t advertise such offers.

This post is about the second kind, and how you can get it:

Free iPhone Protective Cases

The best way to get a free iPhone protective case, is to search for “iphone cover giveaways”.

For example, Zomgcandy gave away an iPhone cover shaped like a chocolate bar. If you cannot find any giveaway that is currently running, you can set up a Google alert with the keywords “iphone cover giveaway” and get notified immediately when any blogger online updates his blog with this kind of giveaway.

Free iPhone Screen Protector is giving away its basic model screen protector, so you can protect your iPhone from scratches.

The only thing here is that you do have to cover the shipping fee, so this is not the kind of freebie that most people are looking for.