Airline Tickets

FLY with – Southwest,  JetBlue, Delta, United with a prepaid Visa Gift Card

Whether you are going on a vacation or to see your relatives, air travel is usually quite costly.
That’s why aviation companies are having a lot of success with their frequent flyer programs: You enjoy free air travel, and they gain customer loyalty.
However, if you are not a frequent flyer, it’s really hard to get free air travel this way. You usually can’t borrow or combine your points with other people’s points, and get one free ticket. You have to be the one doing the flying.
For this reason, air travel freebies are so popular. You don’t have to start flying to enjoy free tickets.
You’re also not getting  just one ticket for yourself – You can actually score 2 or even 4 tickets, so you can take a friend, your spouse or even the entire family – For free.

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