Get a Free Umbrella

free umbrellaEver noticed how the human kind simply doesn’t have enough umbrellas? Whenever you really need one, you don’t have it and the only option is to pay inflated prices to those who know that you are in no bargaining mood. So, you can’t really have too many umbrellas.

One thing you should know about getting free umbrellas, though: most likely you will not be able to get any online. The reason for this, is that most promotional umbrellas (including free beach umbrellas) are the cheap kind, meaning they do not fold and they are by no means compact. Hence, shipping of such freebies is quite a chore, one that most organizations and companies will choose not to perform.

Instead, companies will print out their logos on their umbrellas and let freebie hunters come to them.

All the Ways to Get a Free Umbrella

1. Job fairs – It might sound strange, but free notebooks and pens are not the only thing you can get when you attend job fairs. Many companies know that free umbrellas are a great way to put your brand out there not only for potential customers, but also for potential employees. You don’t have to actually look for a job, although some companies might require your resume or a short interview to give you their freebies.

free umbrellas2. Your suppliers – You don’t have to be a business to have suppliers. Your phone company, insurance company and everything else you buy on a regular basis, will be happy to use you as a walking billboard. The bigger the company, the higher the chances that they will want to give away prominent freebies, and it doesn’t get much more prominent than an umbrella. So pick up the phone and check out what freebies can you get in exchange for being what you already are – a loyal customer.

3. Clothing boutiques and Mom & Pop’s stores –  Next time you go out on a shopping spree, and spend a large sum at any one place, you can try to be bold and simply ask if you are getting a gift with your large purchase. If that store carries cheap umbrellas, chances are you will be immediately offered one. After all, not many will be cheap umbrellas there, so they usually are left with too many umbrellas, the kind they can give away to customers to keep them happy.

4. Simply keep your eyes open – It could be during your next trip to the local mall or anywhere else. All you need to do is spot a stack of promotional umbrellas and ask for one. Remember that these umbrellas are pure advertising, so it is in the best interest of the person you are asking, to give you an umbrella. Just ask!

5. Lost and found – Every winter, an astounding number of umbrellas are lost and not found: in restaurants, pubs and another establishments. If an umbrella hasn’t been picked up by its rightful owner, someone else will eventually get it. Why not you?

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