Getting Free Samples of Lipstick

Choosing the right lipstick shade or color is not as easy as some women expect. A shade that looks good on one may not work for another. Buying and trying different lipstick shades until you find what works for you can be very expensive.

Makeup companies are aware of the fact that trying out different shades of lipstick samples will increase customer satisfaction and will result in more revenue, so they give away freebies to help you decide and avoid their products being thrown into a soon forgotten “make-up rejects” drawer.

Cosmetic and other retail companies give out free samples of lipstick, foundation, eye shadows and other make-up items to potential customers. Usually, with very little or no strings attached.

There are a lot of places where free samples of lipstick can be acquired. Here are some of them:


The easy route is to get free samples of lipstick by visiting makeup freebie sites. There are countless freebie websites like that list make-up giveaways from different brands, even the expensive designer ones.

These offers usually require participation in the form of a survey that might ask you to rate or give opinions regarding other lipstick brands. But what’s ten minutes of bashing your previous brand of lipstick when you can get a designer brand for free, right? Some sites offer free samples of Rimmel Sweet Jelly Lip Gloss and even a Clinique High Impact Lipstick. Other samples include an Estee Lauder Tender Lip Balm and Guerlain Kiss Kiss. The possibilities are endless.
Some people think that only not-so-popular brands give out free samples of their products. Wrong, major cosmetic brands like Mary Kay, MAC, Clinique, Revlon and Cover Girl have websites you can log on to.

You can check if they have promotions or giveaways which may include free samples of lipstick, blush and eye liners. They mostly give out free samples of new lines that they are trying to promote.

Online distributors of cosmetic products may also give out free samples of lipstick. Well, some of the samples might not come entirely for free but some sites offer one free sample if you buy something from them. Still a good deal, considering that you would be getting two for the price of one.

The only setback in getting freebies from the internet is that you might not receive the shade that you really want. Remember, the shade or color shown in pictures might not exactly match the actual shade or color of the product itself.

Remember, returning free samples of lipstick and having them exchanged for a different shade is not part of the deal. And since they’re only samples, they usually come in smaller packaging than the regular products that you pay for.

Makeover corners

When you walk into a beauty bar or even a convenience store, you would find sales ladies offering free lip makeovers. Try these out; it might be a way to get a free samples of lipstick. After all, what better way to know if the shade works for you than to try it then and there?

Cosmetic booths

Also, asking for free samples of lipstick from cosmetic booths in department stores is one good way to go. Again, most companies are eager to give out samples of their products to potential customers. If you end up rocking the shade, you might recommend the brand to friends. It’s a win-win situation, you get a free product, and they get free advertising.

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