How to Get Free Shoes Online

If you have stumbled onto this page, there is a very good chance that you are looking to get free shoes online. There are good news and bad news that you should know.

The bad news – Most sites advertising free shoes are scams and hoaxes.

The good news – It isn’t hard to learn how to get free shoes online, and we’ve listed all the ways right here.

ONEBecome a product tester – You can get free shoes online, in exchange for your promise to test them. Nike, Adidas and Reebok all occasionally run product testing and recruit new testers, but as they do not have easy online forms that you can fill out, you have to do the leg work and contact them by email or mail.

TWO Host a shoe party – is offering you free shoes when you host an event to your friends and relatives, and more than 10 people attend. Just note that these are free women shoes, only.

get free shoesTHREEFree Shoes Sweepstakes and giveaways – is giving away a free pair of shoes every week when you enter its giveaway. A similar free shoes giveaway is conducted twice a month at housershoes. Com

If you are looking to get free shoes of specific brands, the traditional way still works best: locate your pair and wait for the buy one, get one free sale. It might not be completely free, but you are guaranteed to end up with a pair of shoes that you really want!

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