Free eMail Samples

free email samplesThere are many people looking to get free samples via mailbox, while forgetting an entire world of freebies:  the kind you get via email and can claim whenever you want. And there are tons of freebies like that out there!

Here is My Freebie’s top picks for free email samples –

Legitimate Free Samples by Mail 2014

Legitimate Free Samples by Mail 2014There are many companies that will be happy to send legitimate free samples your way, because free samples are a great way to expose more people to a new (or existing) brand, develop relationships with potential buyers and increase existing customers loyalty.

That being said, there are many free sample request forms that were designed to get you to leave your details (specifically, email and perhaps a phone number) so you can be contacted by various companies with offers and a variety of announcements that you might not be interested in. It is a fact that telling which one is which could be quite hard for a newbie freebie hunter, but it gets easier with time.

One important tip to share before diving into the free samples by mail 2014 list: the more specific and low cost the sample is, the higher your chances are of actually getting a sample without being required to fill out long forms, answer surveys or participate in various offers.

In the meantime, here is My Freebie’s

updated list of free samples by mail for 2014

  • Sign up to get free Agave tea here:
  • Free Celestial Seasonings tea – Visit the brand’s promotions page on their site to get their free samples and occasional tea related freebies:
  • Twinings tea discounts – The huge exposure on “50 Shades of Gray” helped this tea and we couldn’t find any free samples, but there is a promotional code that will give you a significant discount next time you shop online –
  • You can order a high protein chocolate mint bar (if you don’t find the combo too weird for your taste) here:
  • Free sample of Godiva chocolate when you sign up to their rewards program (on the Offical website)
    RealCup coffee offers samples and coupons on their Facebook page, all in exchange for a “like” –
  • Free sample of Eucerin body lotion here
  • And here is one time sensitive offer: a daily sweepstakes for a fancy wooden Bigelow tea box on facebook –

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Free Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

free baskin robbins on your bdayIf you are a die hard fan of Baskin Robbins, make sure you sign up to get a free Baskin Robbins ice cream cone on your birthday.
Signing up to their birthday club is really easy and you also get a discount for one of Baskin Robbins’ amazingly beautiful birthday cakes.

Sign Up form for Free Baskin Robbins

Get a Free Umbrella

free umbrellaEver noticed how the human kind simply doesn’t have enough umbrellas? Whenever you really need one, you don’t have it and the only option is to pay inflated prices to those who know that you are in no bargaining mood. So, you can’t really have too many umbrellas.

One thing you should know about getting free umbrellas, though: most likely you will not be able to get any online. The reason for this, is that most promotional umbrellas (including free beach umbrellas) are the cheap kind, meaning they do not fold and they are by no means compact. Hence, shipping of such freebies is quite a chore, one that most organizations and companies will choose not to perform.

Instead, companies will print out their logos on their umbrellas and let freebie hunters come to them.

All the Ways to Get a Free Umbrella

1. Job fairs – It might sound strange, but free notebooks and pens are not the only thing you can get when you attend job fairs. Many companies know that free umbrellas are a great way to put your brand out there not only for potential customers, but also for potential employees. You don’t have to actually look for a job, although some companies might require your resume or a short interview to give you their freebies.

free umbrellas2. Your suppliers – You don’t have to be a business to have suppliers. Your phone company, insurance company and everything else you buy on a regular basis, will be happy to use you as a walking billboard. The bigger the company, the higher the chances that they will want to give away prominent freebies, and it doesn’t get much more prominent than an umbrella. So pick up the phone and check out what freebies can you get in exchange for being what you already are – a loyal customer.

3. Clothing boutiques and Mom & Pop’s stores –  Next time you go out on a shopping spree, and spend a large sum at any one place, you can try to be bold and simply ask if you are getting a gift with your large purchase. If that store carries cheap umbrellas, chances are you will be immediately offered one. After all, not many will be cheap umbrellas there, so they usually are left with too many umbrellas, the kind they can give away to customers to keep them happy.

4. Simply keep your eyes open – It could be during your next trip to the local mall or anywhere else. All you need to do is spot a stack of promotional umbrellas and ask for one. Remember that these umbrellas are pure advertising, so it is in the best interest of the person you are asking, to give you an umbrella. Just ask!

5. Lost and found – Every winter, an astounding number of umbrellas are lost and not found: in restaurants, pubs and another establishments. If an umbrella hasn’t been picked up by its rightful owner, someone else will eventually get it. Why not you?

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Free Coats

free coatsIf you are looking for free coats, chances are that you already know by now that the variety of options to obtain such a freebie are quite slim online. However, the good news are that if you know where to look, you can get free coats for kids and the entire family.

Locate a Coat Drive Near You – Many charities are holding out annual coat drives, collecting coats from those who don’t need them, cleaning them up and giving them away.

Check Out Relevant Craigslist’ Ads – Your local Craigslist site can hold the answer you want. Take a look at the “for sale/wanted” section, and select the “free” category. Depending on your local, you can score great free clothes, from people who just need to clear room in their closets for the latest trend.

Free Coats for Kids – The foundation “Operation Warm” is giving out free coats since 2004, across the US. You can contact them at and request specific information on how to qualify for a free coat.

Get a Free Gift Card – Another method to consider is applying for a free Visa gift card that will entitle you to get free coats from any brand that you desire, up to the card’s value.

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Free Pepsi

free pepsiDo you know that in blind tastings, Pepsi is the winner? Even those who are zealous Coca Cola fans, choose Pepsi Cola as the better tasting Cola. So free Pepsi is really in demand.

Free Pepsi – Samples & Coupons

1. Pepsi Products Gift Card – You can apply to get a gift card to purchase all Pepsi brand items. Aside from the soft drink itself, there is a lot of Pepsi memorabilia that you can get here. This offer will require a bit of work on your part, but in return it provides the highest return: up to $1,000 of free Pepsi shopping.

2. Soda Coupons Delivered – This site offers coupons and samples for a variety of soft drinks brands, such as Coca Cola, Mountain Dew and Minute Maid. To get free Pepsi coupons, you will need to subscribe to their newsletter and monitor your inbox for upcoming coupons.

3. – Stating the obvious, Pepsi itself advertises free Pepsi offers from time to time. You can sign up at and get notified when new Pepsi freebies and contests become available. If you are less of a newsletter guy, you can keep track of brand activity via Facebook or Twitter, both have active Pepsi brand pages.

4. Free Pepsi at Costco – Here you can register for a free $500 Costco gift card, that can be used for all store purchases, including Pepsi products.

5. Pepsi Free Coupons – This is another option to get coupons for grocery shopping. Here too, the variety of brands is large and changes frequently, so the best thing is to have an email account opened for grocery coupons, and every once in a while, skim through the different coupons to see what soft drink offers are currently available.

Searching for Free Pepsi Online

Since many coupons are only available for extremely short periods of time, or “while supply lasts”, a good way to make sure you only get relevant offers is run a Google search query and ask for “free Pepsi coupons” results that were published during the last week.
This way, you reduce the risk of reading through entire posts and choosing attractive freebies, only to find out that they are no longer valid.

Many coupon sites fail to keep up with the speedy change rate of available and expired offers, so this way, while you run the risk of losing some good, long standing coupon offers, will save you time and help you zero in on currently relevant offers.

Free Universal Studios Tickets

Universal Studios theme parks – The ultimate place for movie buffs who are also into amusement parks. If you’re one of those that always wondered how it feels like not to sit in front of a screen and watch a movie, but actually be in one, this place provides the answer.

This freebie offer for free tickets to Universal Studios is one that is particularly attractive during summertime, when families are looking for cheap ways to create memories and have fun.

So, if you are coming to LA or Orlando and paying over $100 for 1 day at the park doesn’t sound too tempting: apply to get your free tickets.
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Free Cedar Point Tickets

Cedar Point park has roller coasters that have made more than one “top 10” roller coasters list in the world, making it a must for all hardcore coaster fans and anyone that likes amusement parks and happens to be in the area.

Despite its popularity, this is the first time ever that there’s a free Cedar Point tickets offer, making this a kinda rare opportunity to save if you are planning a day at Cedar Point park.

While it is known for its more extreme rides, Cedar Point is also a great hangout for entire families, even those with really small children, so this freebie, that offers a free Cedar points tickets for a family, is more than quite appealing.

Keep in mind that even if you are looking for less tickets, you can always sell off the remaining ones and make a small profit.

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Free Busch Garden Tickets

Busch Gardens have some of the wildest roller coasters in the US, making the parks the go-to destination for those looking for coaster fun time. But talking prices, this fun doesn’t come cheap.

If you opt to purchase a ticket at the park’s entrance, you will be paying somewhere around $81.99. Ordering it online will save you $10.00 per ticket, but even $71.99 isn’t cheap, especially when you are not going alone.

You can order your free Busch Garden tickets here.

So getting free Busch Garden tickets can save you a lot of money, since you apply for a free package deal and get more than a single ticket. If you don’t need all the tickets you can always sell them at popular marketplaces such as eBay or Craigslist.

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Free Disney Tickets

A family trip to Disney parks, either Disneyland or Disney World, is the type of vacation that makes memories. The pure fun kind of memories, that both children and parents remember for the rest of their lives (even though you’ll probably snap a bunch of pictures to remind you anyway).

But the expenditure isn’t one that everyone can afford without any financial planning.

Even if you get a family package deal, 4 tickets to Disney can cost almost $200, depending on the age of each child and what kind of a deal you were able to find.

So it’s obvious that saving on tickets can be helpful:
Free Disney tickets can minimize trip costs considerably, or simply allow you to spend a bit extra on a nicer hotel while there. Even once in the park there are many ways to spend and souvenirs are a must on such a vacation.

With this offer  you can take your family on a Disney Cruise with a Prepaid Visa.

Since these are very rare freebies and popular brands such as Disney do not appear often in the freebie offers scene, it’s a good idea to sign up. You can always sell or transfer the tickets later, possibly even for a profit.

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