Free Fragrance Samples for Women

Getting stuck with a perfume that you don’t really like is really unpleasant.  You cannot re-gift it once it has been opened and more often than not, you have no idea who will enjoy this used perfume.

Usually, these perfumes simply gather dust while losing fragrance, until you have to throw them away. For this reason free fragrance samples for women are very attractive freebies.

You get to try the perfume on, and only if you like it, you buy the full-size bottle.

Not all companies are offering free fragrance samples. But most of the good perfumes speak for themselves once you get to try them out.

The list of free fragrance samples for women:

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Free Ink Pen Samples

We have blogged in the past about free samples of pens but since new companies are adding the option of ordering a free pen to their site’s offering, we thought that an additional post on the topic is required.

While most free samples of pens are low in quality, and will probably stop working within a couple of weeks, the plus side is that there are many places to order these and so you will never run out.

Also, we were able to find some higher end products. The internet age (and computers) are giving pen companies a run for their money, with less people using pens…

So enjoy these free ink pen samples

  • Free product package – This package includes not only a free pen but also a key chain, balloons and a bottle opener
  • 4imprint – When you sign up to 4imprint you get free samples and product catalogs in the mail
  • Free pen refills
  • Free Uniball pen – This is a free sample of the JetStream 101 ink pen.

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Free Sample – Stretch Mark Cream

Claudia Stevens Stretch Mark Smoothing CreamThose looking for a free sample – Stretch mark cream should be very cautious. While there are many sites claiming to offer free trials for stretch mark remedies and free samples in the mail, the truth is that you will be required to insert your credit card details – Almost everywhere.

In fact, if you want a free bottle of stretch mark cream, chances are you will be requested to pay for at least another bottle. At best, you will be able to get a “buy one, get one free” deal.

However, many sites will choose to stress out the benefits of these offers,  so you are advised to check the fine print: Can you return the stretch mark cream if it is not effective? What is exactly the full price that you will be requested to pay in order to get your free sample of stretch mark cream?

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Vacation Giveaways – Free Vacation Offer

Checking which free vacation offer is available to you is a good first step when planning your next vacation.

Free Vacation Offer
For those who want a great alternative to an Hawaiian vacation, a leisure cruise is an option worth considering. The following vacation offer is for a seven day cruise for two.

Disney Free Vacation Giveaways
Magical for both children and adults, a Disney themed vacation Take the family on a Disney Cruise with a $1000 visa gift card, it is a guaranteed way to create unforgettable memories.

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Free Stuff for Weddings

A wedding is an expensive business. Dress, tuxedo, catering, flower arrangements, photographer, wedding cake, invitations and the list goes on. Getting your hands on some free stuff For weddings can help you cut wedding costs and improve your overall wedding experience.

  • Wedding invitation samples – offer free samples from each of their wedding invitation items. All you need to do is click on the “Not sure? Order a Sample on the bottom of the page with the invitation you’re considering.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond invitation samples – This is another site that send you free samples and wedding invitations
  • Free knife – Calphalon offers you a free knife from their collection when you sign up for their gift registry.
  • Rimmel London lip gloss sample – While you will be required to qualified for this freebie, it’s a very popular one and it is definitely worth checking out.
  • Free CoverGirl samples – CoverGirl makeup samples.
  • Free foundation by Sephora – While this is not completely free, you have to make an online purchase, there is no minimum amount required. If you are already shop regularly at Sephora, make sure to claim this SPF 15 freebie.
  • Victoria’s Secret gift card –  More of a wedding night than a wedding day freebie, Victoria’s Secret lingerie is very popular and a free gift card can boost your savings in that department.
  • Free printable wedding planners
  • Free veil – Get a free sample of veil fabric – choose from five different shades.

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Free Reader’s Digest Subscription

Reader’s digest has been keeping millions of readers entertained from 1922.
There aren’t usually many opportunities to get this popular family magazine for free, so we warmly recommend that you grab the chance while it’s here.

This limited time freebie is for 20 issues of Reader’s Digest – that is: 2 whole years worth of magazines for free.

Apply today to get 20 free issues of Reader’s Digest

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Free Scrapbooking Stuff

There are tons of free scrapbooking stuff online, the majority of which is digital. But if digital scrapbooking is not your cup of tea, there are still physical scrapbooking freebies that you can order online.

Order your free $250 gift card. is one of the leading sites for scrapbooking. Your free gift card can be used for each and any store product: Adhesives, cut outs, die cutting, colorful ribbons, stickers, stamps and stamp pads and more. It is not only the number of different item categories, but the variety of products in each category.  For example: there are over 3,100 stamps and stamp pads to choose from.

If you’re looking for even more free scrapbooking stuff, you can visit communities like and

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Costco Gift Card

Shopping at Costco is known way to save. A Costco gift card increases this savings potential, and for that reason it is a very popular freebie.

You can order your  gift card  here.

* Please note – Only one gift card per household

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Free 7-Eleven Gift Card

With over 8,200 7-Eleven stores in the US alone, 7-Eleven gift cards are understandably very popular.

However, 7-Eleven freebies and free 7-Eleven gift cards are usually hard to come by. For example, a recent free coffee giveaway lasted only 4 hours.

You can get your free $100 7-Eleven gift card here.

This gift card applies for all 8,200 US 7-Eleven stores. It can be used for all store products and it is also accepted at 7-Eleven gas pumps.

* Only one free 7-Eleven Gift Card can be redeemed per year.

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