Getting Free Samples of Lipstick

Choosing the right lipstick shade or color is not as easy as some women expect. A shade that looks good on one may not work for another. Buying and trying different lipstick shades until you find what works for you can be very expensive.

Makeup companies are aware of the fact that trying out different shades of lipstick samples will increase customer satisfaction and will result in more revenue, so they give away freebies to help you decide and avoid their products being thrown into a soon forgotten “make-up rejects” drawer.

Cosmetic and other retail companies give out free samples of lipstick, foundation, eye shadows and other make-up items to potential customers. Usually, with very little or no strings attached.

There are a lot of places where free samples of lipstick can be acquired. Here are some of them:


The easy route is to get free samples of lipstick by visiting makeup freebie sites. There are countless freebie websites like that list make-up giveaways from different brands, even the expensive designer ones.

These offers usually require participation in the form of a survey that might ask you to rate or give opinions regarding other lipstick brands. But what’s ten minutes of bashing your previous brand of lipstick when you can get a designer brand for free, right? Some sites offer free samples of Rimmel Sweet Jelly Lip Gloss and even a Clinique High Impact Lipstick. Other samples include an Estee Lauder Tender Lip Balm and Guerlain Kiss Kiss. The possibilities are endless.
Some people think that only not-so-popular brands give out free samples of their products. Wrong, major cosmetic brands like Mary Kay, MAC, Clinique, Revlon and Cover Girl have websites you can log on to.

You can check if they have promotions or giveaways which may include free samples of lipstick, blush and eye liners. They mostly give out free samples of new lines that they are trying to promote.

Online distributors of cosmetic products may also give out free samples of lipstick. Well, some of the samples might not come entirely for free but some sites offer one free sample if you buy something from them. Still a good deal, considering that you would be getting two for the price of one.

The only setback in getting freebies from the internet is that you might not receive the shade that you really want. Remember, the shade or color shown in pictures might not exactly match the actual shade or color of the product itself.

Remember, returning free samples of lipstick and having them exchanged for a different shade is not part of the deal. And since they’re only samples, they usually come in smaller packaging than the regular products that you pay for.

Makeover corners

When you walk into a beauty bar or even a convenience store, you would find sales ladies offering free lip makeovers. Try these out; it might be a way to get a free samples of lipstick. After all, what better way to know if the shade works for you than to try it then and there?

Cosmetic booths

Also, asking for free samples of lipstick from cosmetic booths in department stores is one good way to go. Again, most companies are eager to give out samples of their products to potential customers. If you end up rocking the shade, you might recommend the brand to friends. It’s a win-win situation, you get a free product, and they get free advertising.

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How to Get Free CoverGirl Samples

If you’re the type of woman who stocks up her dresser with tons of makeup, you must have heard all the money saving beauty tips there is.

You must also know that a lot of cosmetic companies advertise their products by giving out freebies. This article will show you how to obtain free CoverGirl samples.

CoverGirl is a leading makeup brand under the umbrella of manufacturing giant Protor and Gamble. It offers a full line of makeup from eye liners and shadows to cheek tints and lipsticks, among other beauty products.

CoverGirl cosmetics are every woman’s (or girl’s) dream loot when it comes to prettifying themselves. But as in every sought-after brand in the market, CoverGirl cosmetics can sometimes burn a hole in the average career woman’s wallet.

To answer this dilemma, the brand gives out free samples of their makeup line. There are a lot of ways to get free covergirl samples and coupons. The easiest way is by heading to cosmetic stores and asking for a sample. To save money on CoverGirl cosmetics, you first must know where to look.

Here are a few places where you can chance upon free beauty loot from CoverGirl:

  • Log on to Proctor and Gamble’s Everyday Solutions Club ( and sign up to get freebies and coupons for many of their products including CoverGirl makeup. Registration to this site is free and a number of free samples and coupons can be availed by members.
  • The Official CoverGirl website also offers special promotions, free samples and discount coupons on featured products. Just click on the Specials tab and select coupon alert to access information on samples and discounts.
  • Freebie websites like clip coupons and womenfreebies may also post free covergirl samples from time to time. These usually come in printable coupons that are redeemable in select stores.
  • Free CoverGirl samples can also be acquired by joining the CoverGirl text club by texting Breezy to 24475. Standard SMS charges apply based on your phone service providers.
  • Stores like Walmart and Target also offer free cosmetic samples. Check these stores’ sites’ sample portions for any CoverGirl samples that may be up for grabs.
  • P&G Brand Saver inserts in newspapers are also a good place to look for free CoverGirl samples. You may also find sample or discount coupons in beauty and fashion magazines. These publications may also hold contests that may win you free samples of makeup.

This will help women find the perfect makeup before spending a fortune on a full sized product they might not use in the long run. One will often chance upon free volumizing mascara or a luscious shine lipstick being sampled out in boutiques.

They sometimes even hand out foundation freebies. CoverGirl has many cosmetic products that they need to advertise. From time to time, they give out samples of newly introduced products to gain a potential customer. It’s a win-win solution: while you get free make up, they get free advertising.

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on full-sized CoverGirl products that MIGHT not work for you, look for ways to get free samples. The Internet offers a plethora of places where free CoverGirl samples can be obtained. Whether you are lusting after that CoverGirl LashPerfection Mascara or that Temptress shade of their Lipperfection Lipcolor, you’re sure to find that product sample if you just know where to look.

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Free Razor Samples

Do you know that there are places where you can get free razor samples?

You never thought that you can get razors without spending a dime just by using a little initiative. Razors are important tools for guys who want to exude clean-shaven look or for those individuals who want to get rid of unsightly hair. Use your computer to search for websites to learn more about free razor samples.
Some places where you get free samples and what they offer:

1. – This is among the top razor brand for both men and women. They also give free samples of shaving gels, creams and after shave products. For the ladies, they have the where blades are specifically designed for milady. Speaking about economy, their razor contains five blades on a single cartridge so you get four extra blades.

2. – You can shop online and click on free sample button to get free Gillette Fusion. This innovative razor has five blades closely spaced. It is equipped with a Flexible Comfort Guard that conforms to your facial contour to comfortably shave the surface and at the back of the cartridge is the Precision Trimmer Blade allowing you to easily trim sideburns.

3. gives free Schick Quattro Razor, just visit this site and cast a vote which facial hair design you want to have and they will offer you free razor samples. Fill up the form correctly to get these free samples.

4. Noxema has free razor samples but first you have to purchase any Noxema razor, then print out and fill in a rebate form within 30 days of purchase to get your money back (up to $3). Their razors appear to be similar to the Mach-3 for men, which is greatly superior compared to other handheld razors. It will take from 4 to 6 weeks to get the sample which is for the 4-blade shaver, but they also have a 3-blade model.

5. BIC manufactures not only pens but also razors and they give out free samples by using BIC sensitive coupons. This top quality stainless razor is easy to use. It is mounted onto the fixed head which is ideal for newbies in shaving.  The innovative design of BIC Sensitive fits in the groove of the hand easily and fits the contour of nearly every face. To get BIC Sensitive razor, you have to get BIC Sensitive coupons. Visit BIC Sensitive razor coupon site for free coupons and printable coupons.

Remember, giving free samples, freebies and other stuff are ways for the companies to advertise without any expenses. You are given the opportunity to try their products and give your feed backs. This is the best method for them to get free survey of their goods. Just imagine, getting these quality stuff for free. Another good lead for free samples and coupons is Free Sample Agent.

Summary:  Since razors are important day-to-day commodity for most people, they are additional drain in one’s pocket. Free razor samples will go a long way in maintaning your budget. You can actually get free razor samples of well-known brands including razor blades. In fact, you can even avail of freebies, discounts and coupons. Just search the internet and the websites will bring you there.

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Get Free Hamster Stuff

It isn’t Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving yet but free hamster stuff is available! It sounds incredible why cool stuff for hamsters are given for free, but they are, as long as you know where to look.

Where to get free hamster stuff

This kind individual has no more time for her hamster so she gives them away but there is still lot of stuff left. So she organized a contest that will give away these as prizes. She mentioned that most items are almost new like cage, toys, furniture and a lot more. You can view them by visiting her

site: – Free Cycle Org is a nonprofit movement of people in the United States and in most parts of the world who are giving and getting stuff for free. Find local groups and see if they have hamster stuff.

In Manchester area, a couple is giving away hamster cages on a first come – first serve basis. They are moving to a new home plus an upcoming baby, so goodbye hamsters. Four cages available are: 2 pc. 1x pink hagen zoo zone 2, practically new condition as only housed dwarfies in there; 1x Savic Rody, Blue and green, little nibbled round the hideaway area but perfectly fine; 1x Savic Spelos-Used only as a hospital/spare cage. Good as new. And you can search to find other freebies as well.


From Rochester, Michigan – 5 hamster cages and gears, 1 bag of aspen bedding, 6 boxes of litter and few water bottles are given away for free. .Interested party will just take care of the shipping and handling fee. Visit this site for more information:–foods–litter-and-bedding-2D8F0D359E4165C4

The owner put his hamsters to sleep and left some useful stuff with this contact. These free hamster stuff are for anyone who claims it. There are some corn cob bedding, cotton wool, food (not rat suitable) etc. The phone number is 011 023 1522. Boskruin Veterinary Clinic.

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You can go to Craigslist and search in their free stuff category. Most of the time, you can find leads that will help you get free stuff for hamsters. 

Free product samples are offered as pet food, pet supplies, treats, toys, safety kits, deodorizers, and more. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, tropical fish, hamster, horse, or other animal, you should check out these freebies. Contact:

Some kind-hearted soul living in the west wrote this note: I’m giving away two cages cause no longer breeding hamsters.


The internet is the richest source of leads for you to discover the latest free hamster stuff. Since there are thousands of hamster lovers, they often buy stuff for their pets and later give away for one reason or another. Often it is given on a come-first serve basis so you have to be as agile as your hamster.

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Free Cat Food Samples

Some cats are very picky about what they eat (or even touch). Trying out free cat food samples is a good way to determine what food a cat sits well with. Many manufacturers would be glad to give out free samples as it helps in advertising their product.

Googling ‘free cat food samples’ is also a no-nonsense way of getting that sample you want. Some brands post freebies and promotions on their websites. Here are some brands to try:

  • Purina, one of the leading brands of pet food and pet care products post offers and coupons on their website ( Some pet care sites like PetSmart ( also give out free samples of this brand.
  • Benny Bullys is considered to be the best selling pet treats in North America. They are best known for their high palatability and pure meat content. For free samples of their treats, follow this link ( and fill out the form.
  • Flint River Ranch is a manufacturer of “oven-baked premium health food for pets” and they have distributors who offer free samples on their websites. Here’s one:
  • Procter and Gamble, the makers of Iams Premium Cat Food also offer free coupons through their site They also offer samples of their other brands along with the free cat food.
  • Life’s Abundance is a company that offers health products for people and pets. Follow this link for their list of freebies:

There are lots of other ways to find free cat food samples. Whether you are printing out an online coupon or cutting one out from a magazine, it is important to take note of the terms and conditions of the promo. Most promotions have expiration dates and some are only applicable to certain retailers or variety. Read the fine print before jumping on an offer to make sure you don’t waste precious time and effort.

It is fairly easy to hunt for free cat food samples. The first is to ask a pet supply store for samples of cat food. Most manufacturer representatives leave sample packs with the store owner or manager. These sample packs are often used as tie-ups with other products or are intended for customers who are asking for them.

All large pet food manufacturers have official websites. Another way to obtain free cat food samples is to log on to their websites and ask for one. Most of them would be happy to send out samples especially if you say you’ve heard good things about their product and you want to see for yourself. There’s really no harm in asking; you get either a yes or a no.

There are pet care sites and online magazines that may post promotions and freebies. Also, there are websites dedicated to freebies and coupons. Offers on these sites come and go very quickly so you have to check from time to time to find free cat food samples. Some of these are:

  • Free Mania (
  • Best Free Stuff (
  • Freebie Finder (

With all the free samples available, a cat can be fed for free for an indefinite period. But drastic changes in a cat’s diet can lead to digestive problems. Remember that trying out free cat food samples is a way to find out what works best for your pet.

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Free Stuff On Your Birthday

free stuff on your birthdayWhat kind of free stuff can you get on your birthday?

The answer might surprise you.
Unless you are capable of eating breakfast 5 times, eating lunch 10 times, and eating dinner 15 times (all in the course of 24 hours), you cannot really enjoy most of the available free stuff on your birthday.
Restaurants are very generous when it comes to giving away free food on your birthday, but other places will usually treat you on your birthday only if you are a paid member.

So where can you go to get free stuff on your birthday, and what kind of stuff?
Let’s start by stating the obvious: no company knows when’s your birthday, until you sign up to its members club. Many memberships are totally free, so it is recommended to sign up, and start checking a couple of weeks before your birthday what kind of freebies are you entitled to. A couple of examples are:

You can get a free Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday.
Joining Chevys Fresh Mex members club, will entitle you to “special birthday gifts”. Some have reported to get a free dessert but this can change by the time of your next birthday.

If you are a registered Starbucks card holder, you can choose a free beverage to get on your birthday. These cards aren’t free, but if you are already a customer, you can earn rewards when you join.

Ice Cream
Baskin Robbins are happy to give you a free ice cream on your birthday, as long as you make sure to sign up for their birthday club first.

Free Stuff on Your Birthday (that isn’t eatable)
L’Occitane – A membership of L’Occitane entitles you to discounts year round, but the month of your birthday
AVEDA is offering you a free gift that is valued at up to $24.00 when you sign up on

Free Keychain Samples

free keychain samplesFree keychain samples are among the most popular freebies out there.

This is the reason why most searches lead you to offers that are no longer available, expired, etc.

Here is an updated collection of websites that offer you free keychain samples that you can get:

  • Free Keychain Samples – Here you can choose between a Rubic’s cube keychain and a LED flashlight keychain. It’s very easy to get this freebie, all you need to do is fill out a free offer, which means submitting your email and address details.
  • Colman Spotlight Keychain – In order to get this free keychain, you will need to agree to accept promtional materials (you can choose on which subjects) and to be contacted by a sales repsresentative.
  • Sample keytag – Here you can choose between a two color or a full photo keytag, or even request samples with your business logo and fill out the order form.

Tip – If you own a business or you are a part of a company that is lookinf for free keychain samples before making an order of promotional keychains, there is a good chance that you can get free samples even from companies who don’t usually give out samples.

One such example is the website. Simply click in the upper bar on “Request a sample” and you can get several free keychain samples with you company’s name and logo.

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Free Stuff for iPhone

free stuff for iPhone

2 types of free stuff for iPhone that you can get –

  • Virtual goodies – Free ringtones, free wallpapers and free apps. These are extremely easy to come by, and you can even create cool free stuff to share online yourself (for example, by using
  • Actual goods – Free protective cases, free iphone screen protector, stickers and all other things that you can actually touch. These are a bit harder to come by, as most freebie sites don’t advertise such offers.

This post is about the second kind, and how you can get it:

Free iPhone Protective Cases

The best way to get a free iPhone protective case, is to search for “iphone cover giveaways”.

For example, Zomgcandy gave away an iPhone cover shaped like a chocolate bar. If you cannot find any giveaway that is currently running, you can set up a Google alert with the keywords “iphone cover giveaway” and get notified immediately when any blogger online updates his blog with this kind of giveaway.

Free iPhone Screen Protector is giving away its basic model screen protector, so you can protect your iPhone from scratches.

The only thing here is that you do have to cover the shipping fee, so this is not the kind of freebie that most people are looking for.

Free Samples of Soap

free samples of soapSome freebies are much easier to get. If you haven’t just started out looking for free samples of soaps, then you already know that these are rare samples. Most soap freebies run out before you even had a change to sign up.

Free Sample of Soap
Soap flakes dissolve quickly in water, so you only need to place a flake on your hand, place it under running water and rub your hands. This freebie is fun and best of all, it WILL stay up longer than a couple of hours.  All you have to do to get your soap flakes is fill out a 4 page survey, and your free samples of soap will be sent to you.

Free Glycerin Soap
If you’re a fan of homemade soap bars, you can get a free sample of’s rose petal soap sample. All you have to do is Google the term “free rose petal harlequin soap” and fill out the form on the page that comes up.

Free Sample of Flic SPA Soap
Even though this homemade soap is available for a limited time only, it cannot hurt you to try and get your bar of free soap by Googling “flic spa free soap sample”.  Enriched with avocado oil, this soap freebie will be a real treat, for those who manage to order it before the supply runs out.

Soap Discount Coupons
It is much easier to get soap discount coupons, but these are also very limited time. For example –  Bath & Body Works coupon codes are valid only until February 15th, 2012 and offer a 20% discount when you type “Special20” when checking out.  Body Shop, on the other hand, have coupons that expired on new year’s eve.


Free Coupons for Pizza Hut

Free coupons for Pizza Hut is the only way to save on Pizza.

If you are looking for Pizza Hut freebies or actually, any free pizza of any kind, than chances are you will not find it online.

Coupons for Pizza are easy to find, and can save you up to 50% off.

RetailMeNot – The largest coupon code site has a huge range of free coupons for Pizza Hut. You can get anything from free toppings, pasta, wings, breadsticks, and soda to a whole large pizza free. Look for the minimum value order and all other coupon terms, to calculate which coupons make the best deal.

Official Pizza Hut Site – Click on the “deals” tab when visiting the Pizza Hut website. The deals there constantly change but you can buy wings at 50¢ per wing or get a discount on a medium/large pizza with toppings. Actually, the official website is most of the coupon codes are.

If you are looking to save more on you next pizza, there is one way to get almost free coupons for Pizza Hut, that will save you much more than totally free coupons. Check eBay for “Pizza Hut Coupons” – You can get coupons for free cinnamon sticks or breadsticks or a free pizza with a buy one get one free coupon.

Check out My Freebie’s food freebies and great free stuff.