Websites Like Groupon

If you are already a fan of Groupon, and you think to yourself that its a great invention that helped you save tons of money, that this next post is for you. We have compiled a list of websites like Groupon that you can visit to see which are their current coupon deals.

For those that are still not sure how is Groupon different from all other websites that look and feel almost the same, the difference is simple: The deals. Each site promotes different deals, so if you sign up to more sites (signing up is free to all of them), you will be exposed to more deals and more savings. - Huge Daily Saving of 50-90% on Spas
1. KGB Deals – KGB is an international Groupon like site. So you can check out what is has to offer you even if you are not in the US. To be exact, KGB Deals has deals in the US, UK, France and Italy.

2. Dealon – Dealon has a wide range of great deals, but it will only credit your for referrals if a person you have referred has made his first purchase within 72 hours. So that’s a little disadvantage that Dealon has.

3. Commander Coupon  is a relatively new Groupon like site, but it has great deals. Plus, you will get $10 for every friend you refer that makes a purchase.

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